I am a San Francisco based intuitive guide working with astrology and tarot for 25 years.  In a reading we share a ritual process together that brings loving messages from higher self. The symbols of astrology and tarot hold space for a healing conversation, and together we seek guidance on the questions you come with.

My commitment is to empower you to have clearer contact with your own intuitive guidance, so that the work that happens with me can continue and deepen on your own.

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Pam Stockton, MA, LA, SEC 

Therapist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

"Matthew was facilitating at my first Holotropic Breathwork training in 2007, and over the years became a source of tremendous encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration for me. His deep intelligence, spiritual sensitivity, and immense compassion are extraordinary. With his knowledge of astrology and other divinatory practices, he supported me on the way to knowing, understanding, and accepting myself in ways that have been entirely new for me, and quite literally life-changing. When I compare myself in 2007 to the person I have become, I find a deep well of gratitude for Matthew’s wise guidance."

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