2020 Intuitive Forecast (4 Parts). Once-in-1000-Year Dragonrider Portal is Open All Year!

Dear friends, I send Blessings for a magic new year, and a love-filled new decade!

I have recorded a series of videos on my astrology forecast for 2020. In this series of 4 videos I focus on a very rare alignment of three outer planets that have already come into conjunction, but will become more precise over the next few weeks and then remain very powerful all year. I'm referring to a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and they have already moved within fifteen degrees of each other in the same part of the sky. They will be within ten degrees by February.

They have not all been within this range of each other since 1981, and then they were only at that close range for about a month. Our incoming alignment will get as close as 4 degrees of precision, and will stay within an 8 degree range for a full 10 months, from March through the end of December. Prior to 1981, the last time all three were this close was in 1445, but again, only for about a month. The last time we had an alignment as sustained and potent as the one coming in was over seven hundred years ago, in the year 1285. After 2020 there is not another close triple conjunction of these three outer planets until the year 3151.

This alignment is an overlapping configuration of three cycles of time, (the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and the Saturn-Pluto cycle) each with their own independent range of meanings, but when combined creating a range of unique potentials. 

Throughout 2019 we experienced the first year that Saturn and Pluto came into exact conjunction since the alignment of 1982-1983. This configuration can be quite challenging and often brings both the collective and individuals into direct confrontation with Shadow material. It can bring a collective journey to the underworld and profound encounters with repressed contents of the human psyche.


As Jupiter joins the alignment for the whole of this  year it brings its gifts of expansion, upliftment and positivity. It can bring a smile into the dark territories, and can help us see the hidden gifts in life's suffering. This is an alignment that can help us see that life contains both comedy and tragedy, and that our pain can be redeemed by joy. What Saturn and Pluto can bring down low, Jupiter can raise up to the mountain tops.  It is not ucommon for alignments like this to bring powerful swings from the depths to the heights, profound reversals where we move from defeat to triumph.

There was a similar alignment (Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto and both 90 degrees square to Saturn) when Tolkien's final book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King was published at the end of 1955. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the world has been heading towards Mount Doom this last year. I have a lot of hope, however, that we will find many unexpected allies to return us safely back home. 

In the world today we can see a consolidation of great wealth and power on the one side hoarding resources (26 billionaires control as much wealth and resources as half the human population on earth), and on the other side a growing source of moral power forged and strengthened like Aragorn’s sword Anduril. This energy feels like the mountains, beacons and castles of Lord of the Rings. It is time to light the beacons of Gondor, and receive the light of Earendil. Who is your fellowship for 2020 and who are your guides?

This is definitely a mountaineering alignment, and I think it is a great time to be heading for your own Mt. Everest expedition. Can you feel how you’ve arrived at the trailhead for the big climb ahead? The first three weeks of the year Mercury and the Sun are joining Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto so it is a particularly potent entry portal, and it represents a time when you can find your mental focus and steel yourself for the journey ahead. These first couple months of the year its like you are heading towards base camp and building your strength. 

As we get into March and April everything really kicks in when Mars forms a tight quadruple conjunction with the longer lasting configuration, and we will find even more energy to push further up the path. These four planets together are perhaps the best configuration for tacking big projects, excavating deep foundations that endure, and then slowly building your success with steely determination. There is incredible access to huge amounts of energy that can be directed with disciplined focus. It's time to ride the dragon of your own kundalini rising and channel that energy like a master. This is the year we all can discover just how much energy we can martial towards our biggest goals, while at the same time adjusting our goals with the wisdom of knowing what is possible with our unique resources.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of this past year has been all about managing and conserving resources, and that theme is likely to continue, but as Jupiter comes in, it is possible that your resources may expand in ways that allow for new opportunities. The question is, how will you invest your new resources, and how will you conserve them for maximum payoff. There are many different types of resources: health, energy, financial, intellectual, emotional, personal skill set, relational, familial, etc. All of these should be considered and invested wisely.

Sometimes there can be a kind of rags to riches dimension to this energy, and if you've been struggling in the valley there is an opportunity to find resources of strength that will raise you up towards the big goals that your soul has inteneded for this incarnation.

I feel that the rare power of this unique moment in time is something that my soul saw coming and recognized as a once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity to achieve long sought goals. If you have had a vision of a life-project or a big goal you have hoped to achieve over the course of this entire lifetime, this could be the crucial year where you either build the foundation to later accomplish the goal, or this could be the year you make it to the summit. 

It is important to not over-stretch or aim too high. We must draw on our life experience and set realistic goals from this grounded awareness. For me, it is all about staying on the middle path beyond extremes. There's a safe zone we have learned to live within, where we remember our inner-child and take really good care of ourselves. The middle path has many potential timelines, though, and this is a year where the larger possibilities of your life might come to fruition. 

It's all about allowing for a slow manageable expansion that is sustainable within your limitations and available resources,  and investing those resources at your personal growth edge. This is the sweet spot where the challenge activates a pleasurable flow state because you are not over-stressing your resources or capacities. Therefore, this next month is about an honest grounded assessment of what is realistically possible for you in 2020, while still aiming for the heights.

One last thing. I feel that the foundational experience in astrology is to, whenever possible, actually get outside in nature to commune with the sky directly. This is an excellent year for skywatching so please see below for a listing of special dates.

For more of my thoughts on how this alignment pertains to things like the USA presidential election (preview, we are in for an intense year) please check out this video and future videos in the series.

I wish you all safe travels and send you many blessings as we all learn to ride the dragon of 2020 together.

Special Dates for Skywatching This Year

Currently can see Mars in the two hours before Dawn close to the eastern horizon. Starting in February will be able to see Jupiter rising. By mid February it should be easy to see Saturn about 10 degrees from Jupiter and then after that easier and easier to see all three in the hour before sunrise and then earlier and earlier until after sunset they will be high in the sky and eventually rising at sunset and visible all night.

Venus is currently a setting star.

Moon-Venus-Neptune triple conjunction January 27-28 visible (Moon and Venus) after sunset close to the western horizon.

Feb 17-19 before sunrise look for Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn quadruple conjunction rising on the eastern horizon.

In March Mars is really close to Jupiter and Saturn, look for them rising after 5 am.

***Most dramatic visible alignment of the year. March 17-19 look for tight Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn (Pluto) 5 planet conjunction in the 90 minutes before sunrise (all within 8 degrees of each other). Mercury should also be visible 45 minutes before sunrise. Venus is also visible after sunset on these dates, so you can see all of the visible planets in the course of one night.

***Same alignment April 14-16, but within 15 degrees. Again, all the visible planets are able to be seen in the course of one evening.

By June, Jupiter and Saturn will be rising shortly after Sunset, with Mars rising after midnight. 

November 18-19 Moon Jupiter- Saturn-Pluto (all within 10 degrees) and 60 degrees from the Sun, will be really beautiful for two hours after sunset.

December 15-17 same, Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto all within 10 degrees and within 30 degrees of the Sun, so this will be super beautiful for one hour after sunset.

Mark your calendars everybody!