2020 Forecast and Promotion

Happy New Year to you all! 

Special Promotional Fees for the Next Four Weeks. New Options for Consultations.

I hope that you all were able to celebrate the entry into this next decade in a way that opened your heart and brought you joy. I have a number of things that I want to share with you in this newsletter, and I want to begin with a special promotion. The new year is one of the best times to have an intuitive reading. At this time of year we pause to integrate the year that has past and begin to set intentions for the year ahead. The turn of a decade is an even more important time to make contact with higher self, and I would love to help you make that contact with my sacred tools of astrology and tarot.  

For the next four weeks I am offering a discount on my consultations. I am now offering three lengths for my sessions: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and a two-hour option. My current fee for a 60 minute consultation is $185 and I am discounting that $15 to $170. My current fee for a 90 minute consultation is $280, and I am discounting that by $25 to $255. My current fee for a two hour consultation is $375, and I am discounting that by $35 to $340.

So my fees with the promotion until 2/8:
60 Minutes: $170
90 Minutes: $255
Two Hours: $340

Please click the floating blue button in the lower right corner to bring up these options and to find my calendar of availability.

You will see that there is now an option for consultations that are purely astrology readings if you are looking for a more detailed exploration of your natal chart and personal transits. I've had a few people request sessions that do not combine astrology with tarot, and I'm happy to now offer that option. 

I still include the natal chart and transits in my "Astrology and Tarot Rituals," but these sessions are more like channeling, and, in addition to the astrology, involve me creating a special tarot altar that I photograph and then email the photos for use during the session. The tarot altar is personalized for each individual client and involves me working intuitively in a light trance state to create a beautiful arrangement of cards, crystals, and sacred objects. I've received a lot of positive feedback on this element and it has become a particularly magic part of my work. I feel that the images of the cards help take my clients into a more right-brain intuitive place, and that this balances the language of astrology. 

However, for those more drawn to astrology and familiar with its language, I can understand the desire to keep the focus there. There's a lot of overlap between these two types of sessions, but the pure astrology readings are more "old school" for people that want a more detailed and thorough exploration  of the natal chart and transits. This could also be a great option for someone who has never had an in-depth exploration of their natal chart and transits. I love sharing with new clients in both of these ways, so just follow your own intuitive guidance around what feels right for you.

I am now offering three lengths for my sessions: 60 or 90 minutes, and a two-hour option. Once you select the length of the session, you will fill out a form with radial buttons to select which type of session you are interested in. If you don't have a strong preference, then I would suggest choosing the one with tarot as there is still a lot of astrology in both.

I really look forward to helping you align with the heavens to maximize the potential of the year ahead, which has what I feel may be the most powerful astrological alignment of this century, a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Blessings!

2020 Astrology Forecast.
Once-in-1000-Years Dragonrider Portal is Open All Year

I've recorded a special video with my forecast for 2020, and in it I focus on a very rare alignment of three outer planets that has already come into alignment, but will become more precise over the next few weeks and then remain very powerful all year and extending into early 2021. I'm referring to a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and they have already moved within fifteen degrees of each other in the same part of the sky. They will be within ten degrees by February.

They have not all been within this range of each other since 1981, and then they were only at that close range for about a month.  Our incoming alignment will get as close as 4 degrees of precision, and will stay within an 8 degree range for a full 10 months, from March through the end of December. Prior to 1981 the last time all three were this close was in 1445, but again only for about a month. The last time we had an alignment as sustained and potent as our incoming one was over seven hundred years ago, in the year 1285. After 2020 there is not another close triple conjunction of these three outer planets until the year 3151.

Correlations Podcast, Webinars, Tarot and Flow Course

Stay tuned for the return of the Correlations podcast in 2020! This past year it was not possible to record, but this coming year we plan to be back with more episodes. I also hope to do an interview or two. I will definitely let you know when these recordings become available.

I also hope to offer one or more webinars later this year and I will let you know when I have dates to share.

This past year I offered an eight week online course called Tarot and Flow, and it was an amazing experience. It totally reconfigured my approach to both tarot and astrology, and was very well received by the students in the class. I will be polishing up the recordings and course materials, and then I plan to make the recordings and lessons  available for purchase.

More YouTube Content in 2020 plus Instagram

I'm recording more YouTube videos than I have in the past, and they have been pretty popular, with over 200 new subscribers to my channel in the last few months. I post each new video here on my Blog page along with a written piece that goes with the video. I will send out email notifications for special videos, but the best way to get my "portal updates" is to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Here is a link directly to my channel. Be sure to hit the notification bell that appears once you subscribe to be notified when each new video is published. 

I also have an Instagram page where I post photos and videos of my Hawkheaded parrot Lola, and also post tarot and astrology content. This includes my popular "60 Second Oracle" videos where I draw several tarot and oracle cards and channel intuitive guidance. I have fun making and sharing  these short videos, so if you use Instagram I'd love for you to follow my page @tarot_and_lola or follow this link directly to my page on the internet.

trustpsyche Facebook Astrology Community, Free Monthly Webinars, and YouTube Channel

I want to give a shoutout to my friends Jessica and Travis DiRuzza who have been doing an amazing job getting out awesome free astrology content and creating a growing astrology community on Facebook. ​You can find the Facebook group here. You can sign up to join their free monthly Zoom webinars on the 1st Sunday of the month here. And here is a link to the trustpsyche YouTube channel. Be sure to check them out!

Special Dates for Sky Watching This Year

Currently you can see Mars in the two hours before Dawn close to the eastern horizon. Starting in February you will also be able to see Jupiter rising. By mid February it should be easy to see Saturn about 10 degrees from Jupiter and then after that easier and easier to see all three in the hour before sunrise and then earlier and earlier until after sunset they will be high in the sky and eventually rising at sunset and visible all night.

Venus is currently a setting star visible after sunset.

Moon-Venus-Neptune triple conjunction January 27-28 visible (Moon and Venus) after sunset close to the western horizon.

Feb 17-19 before sunrise look for Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn quadruple conjunction rising on the eastern horizon.

In March Mars is really close to Jupiter and Saturn, look for them rising after 5 am.

***Most dramatic visible alignment of the year. March 17-19 look for tight Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn (Pluto) 5 planet conjunction in the 90 minutes before sunrise (all within 8 degrees of each other). Mercury should also be visible 45 minutes before sunrise. Venus is visible after sunset on these dates, so you can see all of the visible planets in the course of one night.

***Same alignment April 14-16, but within broader 15 degrees. Again, all the visible planets can be seen in the course of one evening.

By June, Jupiter and Saturn will be rising shortly after Sunset, with Mars rising after midnight. 

November 18-19 Moon-Jupiter- Saturn-Pluto (all within 10 degrees) and 60 degrees from the Sun, will be really beautiful for two hours after sunset.

December 15-17 same, Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto all within 10 degrees and within 30 degrees of the Sun, so this will be super beautiful for one hour after sunset.

Mark your calendars everybody!