Council of Elders Super Portal: Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

What a profound moment in human history. Along with most people I am just starting to take in the magnitude of what is happening on the earth. I can feel the collective psyche compelled to stop and breath and open to what is. 

As an astrologer, in times like these, I feel that I should try my best to share my ongoing dialogue with the sky with others who share my love for her. I've been publishing a series of videos on YouTube since the end of last year, trying to give my sense for the very rare and powerful alignments of 2020. In this latest video from this morning, I'm sharing my stream of consciousness as I observe this 5 planet configuration out under the sky for the first time this year.

All of this year we have three outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, in the same part of the sky within a ten degree range. For an alignment like this to be this precise, and to last for a full year, is extremely rare, only once-in-a-thousand years. In March and April, Mars joins these planets to form an incredibly powerful 4 planet alignment.

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Astrology for March-April 2020: Incredibly Rare Super Portal

If you are looking for some astrological insight into our current US political dynamics, I recorded this the day after the Super Tuesday primary, and in it I look at a very rare planetary alignment that has clearly kicked in now. This alignment corresponds to the energies at play in the election as well as in other areas, like the coronavirus crisis that is now rapidly unfolding.

I’m referring to the incredibly rare Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction that I’ve looked at in previous videos (check out my forecast series in previous posts here on my blog), and that extends into early next year. For the next six weeks, these three outer planets are joined by the planet Mars, forming an even more rare quadruple conjunction, and it is this energy that is on full display now.

I use both astrological software and astronomical software to illustrate what is happening, as I discuss the energies and help you understand how to best work with them. There has never been more on the line than in this US presidential election, and I hope this video will help you navigate and maximize what is possible at this time. Blessings!