A Conversation with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

When the weather is good, I continue to go out in the mornings to see the very rare Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that is currently gracing our skys. This video was recorded on Friday, but if you go out now, you will see that Mars is exactly conjunct Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. Give it up for the sign of social justice everybody!

In the next few days, if the weather cooperates, I intend to get out a little earlier so I have longer before the dawn light to appreciate this striking alignment. We won’t be able to see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn together for another twenty years. To have Pluto there as well we will have to wait a thousand years, so I hope you will get up early to catch it. 

Here in San Francisco Jupiter and Pluto (exactly conjunct in the late degrees of the sign Capricorn) start to rise over the eastern horizon around 3:30 am, followed by Mars and Saturn closer to 4 am. With sunrise at 6:55 am, and dawn light starting by 6:30, I think 5 am to 6:15 am is the best time to enter the portal. That's unless you can get up earlier and have a clear view to the east, in which case you'll be able to give a deep bow as these elders arrive to bless our morning.

Happy skywatching beautiful people. Blessings! Love! Light!