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I Offer Three Types of Consultations 

My "Astrology and Tarot" consultations involve, in addition to the astrology, me creating a special tarot altar for our session that I photograph and then email before we start. The tarot altar is personalized for each individual client and involves me working intuitively in a light trance state to create a beautiful arrangement of cards, crystals, and sacred objects. I've received lots of positive feedback on this element and it has become a particularly magic part of my work. I feel that the images of the cards help take my clients into a more right-brain intuitive place, and that this balances the language of astrology. 

For those more drawn to astrology and familiar with its language, I can understand the desire to keep the focus there, and so I offer an "Astrology-Only" option. There's a lot of overlap between these two types of sessions, but the astrology-only readings are more for people that want a detailed and thorough exploration of the natal chart and transits. This could be a great option for someone who has never had an in-depth exploration of their natal chart and transits. I love sharing with new clients in both of these ways, so just follow your own intuitive guidance around what feels right for you.

I also offer a third option that is a "General Consultation." This is an opportunity to have a healing conversation focused in one of the areas of my expertise: Holotropic Breathwork, Spiritual Emergency, Sacred Medicine Work, etc.

My Fees are Listed Below.

60 Minute Consultation: $200 

90 Minute Consultation $275  ($25 discount off my hourly rate)

Two Hour Consultation: $360  ($40 discount off my hourly rate) 

Payment Information

My preferred payment option is PayPal.  Please pay now through the PayPal buttons below, or after you  register through my Calendly service you will be taken to a confirmation page that will also have the same PayPal buttons.  Please note, you do not need a PayPal account for this service, and you will have the option of entering credit card information that will not be shared with me. It is also possible to pay with a check if I receive the check at least two weeks before the appointment you select. My mailing address, as well as additional information about the consultation, will be be on the confirmation page.

I can offer installment payments. Please contact me at to arrange this.

60 Minute Consultation $200

90 Minute Consultation $275

Two Hour Consultation $360

Julie Teetsov, CST, SEP, Ph.D.

Trauma  Therapist

“I've worked with Matthew for over 10 years, through so many changes, challenges and celebrations in my life.  Matthew has been a constant advocate and advisor, and over the years has become an integral part of my soul’s journey.  His integrity is impeccable and he is a constant and loving mirror of the powerful cosmic forces and the beauty in my life, as well as a witness to my special gifts that I have to express in this lifetime.    His wisdom and the clarity with which he shares his knowledge has contributed a great deal to where I am today in my career and in the development of my sense of self.  Thank you Matthew!!!!"