It’s a Perfect Full Moon Weekend for Surfers of Consciousness

Surf's up everybody, and this portal adventure we've been taking is building to a climax. I've got a new video on our powerful planetary alignment and it's called: "This Super Portal is Peaking! Full Moon Activation!"  I really hope you will check it out and maximize what is possible over this long pleasure weekend for surfers and dreamers.

It all got going about 6 weeks ago, two New Moons ago, when we entered the "Dance Party Portal," and we started to get groovy with the cosmos. The rare, once in 7 years, Sun-Venus-Mars triple conjunction really got bumpin' at the Full Moon a month ago, and then we were shakin' it towards a major Stargate that opened a couple of weeks ago at the New Moon.

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Entering the Great Mother Portal of Visions and Dreams

Tonight and tomorrow night between sunset and midnight look for a beautiful Half Moon (at the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle) in a tight conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This should be very easy to see if you have a clear sky in your area. Even before sunset it should be easy to see the half Moon at the highest point in its movement through the sky (astrologers call this the Midheaven), and as the light fades Jupiter will become more and more brilliant in its embrace by the Moon. It will be beautiful to observe this alignment until it sets around midnight.

The thing that is very unique about this alignment is that it is activating the "Super Portal" alignment that I discussed in my last email and video. The very rare "harmonic convergence" of all the inner planets that happened at the New Moon is still very powerful, and in fact, the whole thing is more precisely aligned with Neptune and Jupiter, forming what is called a "T square" pattern. As the Moon is joining this configuration today and tomorrow it involves 7 of the 10 major planetary bodies that astrologers work with, all in very dynamic and precise alignment with each other.

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Very Rare New Moon Super Portal Right Ahead

If you've been following my recent videos on what I've been calling the "Dance Party Portal of 2019" you know it is a very special alignment that is just getting more and more potent as we move forward. It is a conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Mars and my last video highlighted the Full Moon activation of it a couple of weeks ago. Well, now we are approaching the New Moon and things are about to get more powerful.

I wanted to understand how often one of these conjunctions happens and so I did some research, and it turns out that a Sun-Venus-Mars triple conjunction can happen on average about once every 6 1/2 years. What is happening with this upcoming New Moon in a couple of days is much more rare.

It does not always happen that a New Moon lines up with a conjunction like this, forming a quadruple conjunction, and so that rarity increases the power. What is happening this time goes beyond this because Mercury will also be in the alignment. This means that all of the inner planetary bodies will be in direct alignment, a 5 planet conjunction as seen from the Earth. The Earth, then the Moon, then the Sun, then Mercury, Venus and Mars all in a straight line, a perfect alignment within 9 degrees of precision.

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Full Moon Activation of Dance Party Portal 2019!

Its time to get dancing everybody! I want to get this out to you today because the Full Moon is exact and it is in a really special alignment with Venus and Mars. I'm calling it a Dance Party Portal, or a Portal for Lovers, and its great for loving and dancing. It got started around the New Moon, but now it's really kicking in and it will be super potent for at least the next full month. I want to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to change your life through hot love, spicy dance, and lit-up creativity, and this video should help you understand exactly what the possibilities are. The first 15 minutes of the video will give you what you need to know, and then the rest just goes deeper.

But for right now, wherever you are in the world, go out and look towards the Sun (or if it is already night, get out and look at the Full Moon). When you look at the Sun for the next 4-6 weeks imagine that directly behind the Sun, exactly opposite from where we are on this side, and in perfect alignment with us, is first Venus, and then directly behind Venus is Mars. Imagine extending yourself out to the Sun and Venus and Mars, and behind you (at your back today and into tomorrow) is the Full Moon. Imagine we are all dancing in alignment in a kind of Conga Line, and we are moving and shaking, getting hot and sweaty to the music of the spheres baby!

While you are looking towards the Sun I want you to set an intention to dance everyday for the next four weeks. Set an intention to find and express more fun, more pleasure, more love, both towards yourself and others, everyday, and then pray to Venus, Mars,the Sun and the Moon for support and guidance in fulfilling your intention. Get ready to dive into this portal! Get ready for the dancing timelines, the hot lovin' timelines, the timelines that open up when you really love yourself and then spread the love.

Have an amazing dance-and-love-filled weekend everybody!

Love! Blessings!