A Gathering of Dynamic Duos: Mars-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto and Mercury-Neptune

This was a special one for me. I've had the intention to get up early enough to see the Mars-Saturn-Jupiter alignment for a more extended period of time. This was April Fool's day which is a special day for professional tarot readers like myself. The Fool leaps into life and I leapt into action.

I have also had the intention to go to a different spot to see the alignment from a new perspective. There is a park that is at the frontier edge of my neighborhood that I have only explored recently because it is like 15 blocks from my home, and when I walk that far, it is usually in the direction of the ocean. 

My favorite spiritual practice for the last 3 years has been to go on long walks (I've walked 13 marathons) to get into intuitive flow states, and while in flow I love to take photographs and videos. In the last year I've been more intentional about integrating my love of the sky and tarot into my walks and photography.

I do the whole practice intuitively, and with intentionality. I set the intention to go for a walk when the weather inspires me to, and I try to be prepared to leap into action when the surfing is good. Right now the waves are really intense, but I like to watch them from a safe distance. I wait for the strong pull of the sky, and then I get my butt out the door.

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A Conversation with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

When the weather is good, I continue to go out in the mornings to see the very rare Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that is currently gracing our skys. This video was recorded on Friday, but if you go out now, you will see that Mars is exactly conjunct Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius. Give it up for the sign of social justice everybody!

In the next few days, if the weather cooperates, I intend to get out a little earlier so I have longer before the dawn light to appreciate this striking alignment. We won’t be able to see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn together for another twenty years. To have Pluto there as well we will have to wait a thousand years, so I hope you will get up early to catch it. 

Here in San Francisco Jupiter and Pluto (exactly conjunct in the late degrees of the sign Capricorn) start to rise over the eastern horizon around 3:30 am, followed by Mars and Saturn closer to 4 am. With sunrise at 6:55 am, and dawn light starting by 6:30, I think 5 am to 6:15 am is the best time to enter the portal. That's unless you can get up earlier and have a clear view to the east, in which case you'll be able to give a deep bow as these elders arrive to bless our morning.

Happy skywatching beautiful people. Blessings! Love! Light!

Tarot Cards in Times of Stress

In this video I share 5 tarot cards from the Osho Zen Tarot deck (Ma Deva Padma's amazing deck, link below) drawn under our current Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The cards encourage us to slow down, breathe deep, exhale slowly, and pray for guidance. Two Kings come to remind us of our mastery of our own energetic resources, and our potential to overcome projections of external blame. The King of Fire and his ball of Chi comes and leads us into an amazing San Francisco sunrise. Blessings!

The deck used in this video with link to Amazon:

The Osho Zen Tarot: Ma Deva Padma

Portal of Superheroes and Supervillains: Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

Hey Everyone! In this video I share my reflections on how our current, super rare, Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is the ultimate alignment for both superheroes, and supervillains. We seem to have both emerging right now in the world.

It's time to claim your super powers and contribute what you can to defeat those who would put greed before human lives.

I also share tarot cards drawn for guidance in these stressful times. Blessings!