Very Rare Portal of Profound Love is Open (Venus-Saturn-Pluto Triple Conjunction 12/02-12/20)

I hope you all have been experiencing much joy and abundance in the Portal of the Expanding Heart (the recent Venus Jupiter conjunction that I wrote about last time). We are still moving through this portal for a few more days, and at the same time we are at the threshold of a new portal, what I’m calling the Portal of Profound Love. This is the name I’ve chosen for this rare conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto which lasts until about December 20th. 

We only get a tight triple conjunction like this twice during our current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with the first having been in February of this year. Previous to February, the last time to catch a wave like this was way back in 1983, so this is a very rare chance to set an intention for deeper, more sustained and sustainable love and intimacy in our lives, with both self and others. 

When these three planets are in alignment with the Earth there is an opportunity to strengthen and deepen our love relationships. We all long for deep intimacy and for strong secure attachments with the people who matter the most to us, and this starts with ourselves. Do we feel satisfied by the depth of intimacy we have with ourselves? Are we loyal lovers to ourselves? Are we able to demonstrate love towards ourselves in the tough times, on our tough days? Do we notice when our hearts are closed toward ourselves, and how do we work to keep our hearts open and practice forgiveness towards ourselves and others?

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The Portal of the Expanding Heart is Wide Open and Getting Larger Everyday. (Venus conjunct Jupiter 11/15 – 11/30)

We have a Venus Jupiter conjunction, one of the most beautiful astronomical events, happening from November 15th to November 30th and it peaks on the 27th and 28th. This overlaps with Thanksgiving here in the United States, and its a perfect alignment for a celebration of gratitude and generosity, and also for enjoying an extra serving (or two) of dessert. This is such a beautiful alignment to observe, so be sure to get out in the evening at sunset and look towards the western horizon to see the two brightest planets embracing in the twilight. On the 27-28 you will also see a beautiful sliver of a crescent moon joining Venus and Jupiter to form one of the most striking displays of nature that can be observed. 

Venus calls us towards love and pleasure and art and music. She moves us towards sweetness and friendship and the sensual joys of human intimacy (with self and others). She is the experience of the opening heart chakra and the force of kindness and selfless loving actions. So this Jupiter-Venus conjunction is a great time to be more generous with our kind messages and compliments towards those we love and also towards the new relationships that often form at the beginning of a new cycle of time such as this.

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It’s a Perfect Full Moon Weekend for Surfers of Consciousness

Surf's up everybody, and this portal adventure we've been taking is building to a climax. I've got a new video on our powerful planetary alignment and it's called: "This Super Portal is Peaking! Full Moon Activation!"  I really hope you will check it out and maximize what is possible over this long pleasure weekend for surfers and dreamers.

It all got going about 6 weeks ago, two New Moons ago, when we entered the "Dance Party Portal," and we started to get groovy with the cosmos. The rare, once in 7 years, Sun-Venus-Mars triple conjunction really got bumpin' at the Full Moon a month ago, and then we were shakin' it towards a major Stargate that opened a couple of weeks ago at the New Moon.

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Entering the Great Mother Portal of Visions and Dreams

Tonight and tomorrow night between sunset and midnight look for a beautiful Half Moon (at the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle) in a tight conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This should be very easy to see if you have a clear sky in your area. Even before sunset it should be easy to see the half Moon at the highest point in its movement through the sky (astrologers call this the Midheaven), and as the light fades Jupiter will become more and more brilliant in its embrace by the Moon. It will be beautiful to observe this alignment until it sets around midnight.

The thing that is very unique about this alignment is that it is activating the "Super Portal" alignment that I discussed in my last email and video. The very rare "harmonic convergence" of all the inner planets that happened at the New Moon is still very powerful, and in fact, the whole thing is more precisely aligned with Neptune and Jupiter, forming what is called a "T square" pattern. As the Moon is joining this configuration today and tomorrow it involves 7 of the 10 major planetary bodies that astrologers work with, all in very dynamic and precise alignment with each other.

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