Council of Elders Super Portal: Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

What a profound moment in human history. Along with most people I am just starting to take in the magnitude of what is happening on the earth. I can feel the collective psyche compelled to stop and breath and open to what is. 

As an astrologer, in times like these, I feel that I should try my best to share my ongoing dialogue with the sky with others who share my love for her. I've been publishing a series of videos on YouTube since the end of last year, trying to give my sense for the very rare and powerful alignments of 2020. In this latest video from this morning, I'm sharing my stream of consciousness as I observe this 5 planet configuration out under the sky for the first time this year.

All of this year we have three outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, in the same part of the sky within a ten degree range. For an alignment like this to be this precise, and to last for a full year, is extremely rare, only once-in-a-thousand years. In March and April, Mars joins these planets to form an incredibly powerful 4 planet alignment.


Mars aggressively activates and makes things vivid, and in my recent videos I've been pointing to this month and next as the time when the overall energy for the year would start to come into full clarity. I had no idea that the energies would manifest in the ways that we are now seeing unfold, but I think I describe them in a way that can be clearly recognized. 

What is unique about this particular week is that the Moon has joined Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to form an even rarer five planet conjunction. That's half the planets that astrologers pray to, all within a 10 degree range. To me this feels like a council of elders has gathered in the sky to hold space for us, and to share dialogue with us, as we move through this unprecedented moment on planet Earth.

The Moon has come into this alignment really strongly these last 24 hours, and it will stay very precise for the next 24 hours, with the larger configuration continuing all year. The Moon brings her mother force and her gifts for nurturing and caring, and so it may feel like a force of love is coming into your life and your consciousness in a way that can grow and be sustained moving forward. Every month the Moon will return to the same part of the sky with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and so this is just the first pulse of the mother force that will come in waves all year.

When 5 planets conjoin, 10 cycles of time are ending, and 10 cycles of time are beginning. Astrologers pay attention to 45 cycles of time, and here this week we are feeling nearly a quarter of those cycles starting at the same time. It's like the feeling of a new moon, but on a truly epic scale. What an opportunity this is for humanity to pause together, and to consider a new beginning for the Earth.

I hope tomorrow you will get up early, in the two hours before dawn, to try to observe this special astronomical event. Look to the eastern horizon about two hours before sunrise and you will see these elders start to rise. They will remain strongly visible (weather and social distancing permitted) until the sun comes up. Obviously Pluto will not be visible, but you can imagine that it is right there with the rest of them, and you can extend yourself all the way out to the deepest reaches of our solar system. There you can feel yourself gathering with all of them in something like the Council of Elrond (or perhaps an Entmoot). Share your feelings and your questions with the council, and then pray for guidance. From this council you will find your fellowship for the quest that lies ahead.

I plan to be back with more videos as we move through this profound portal, and I send love and blessings to you all. We will get through this together with the support of our Mother Earth, and with the support of all the great beings of our solar system. Love! 🙏❤️