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All Appointment Times Set to California (Pacific)Time Zone

  *Please be sure to carefully convert time to your local time zone.

***I am currently out of town, and I am doing only a few readings until May 19th. I may be able to schedule a few Skype sessions while I am gone. Please contact me directly at to inquire.


Initial two-hour consultation:  $350

Follow-up two-hour consultation:  $300

I have a fixed schedule and generally cannot schedule earlier than a week in advance. I sometimes can fit people in on short notice, and you can email me directly to enquire. If you do not hear back from me, it means my only availability will be listed here on this app. The same applies for people in countries far from California, if the times don’t work in your time zone, write to me with times that can work, and if I can accommodate I will write back directly.

I try to keep my interactions with the internet to a minimum, and so I am not able to respond to every email. The best way to get a hold of me is to make an appointment.

*I do have a couple of sliding-scale discounted slots available each month for those with financial need.  Please contact me directly at: to inquire.

Important Notes about the Technology aspect of our Meeting:

*I am no longer able to record my sessions on my side due to my inability to guarantee the success of the required technologies to keep digital information safe.  This is the only part of my job over the last 20 years that has consistently been painful and stressful for me. Now that it is so easy for my clients to record these sessions for themselves, I’ve decided to relieve myself of this area of responsibility.  I would not make this choice unless I knew that it is very easy to record a Skype or telephone call (just need mp3 recorder and/or a speaker phone).  All that is needed is one of many digital recording options (just google “record Skype calls” or “MP3 recorder”) that are easily found in many formats. If you are not able to figure this out, I am happy to offer suggestions.

*If there is any concern about the quality or reliability of Skype on your side, please have a backup plan to use a reliable telephone option.

I offer five two-hour appointment times per week.

Monday   -10am and 5pm Pacific time

Tuesday   -10am and 5pm Pacific time

Thursday   -3pm Pacific time

**I can sometimes add slots. If none of the available times work, please contact me at and let me know what might work for you.