Massive Solstice-Eclipse Super Portal Right Ahead! Wide Open Through January 24th 2020

I want to wish you all happy holidays. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Las Posadas, or some other festival of light, to you all I send love and blessings as we move into a new decade together. I want to share a video that I recorded about a special alignment that is just starting now and is perfect for a celebration of a return to light, and brings hope and joy for all.

There are actually several powerful and rare astronomical events occurring. First we have a New Moon that is in exact conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This can only happen at most once a year, but for it to be as exact an alignment as this one, it is more rare, and for it to align with the Solstice, rarer still, at most once in twelve years. In researching the rarity I found that there has not been an exact New Moon Jupiter triple conjunction this close to the Solstice since 1995, and before that, 1924. For there to also be a Solar Eclipse as is happening today, we’d have to go back even further to the previous century. This alignment is even more unique as it aligns at the start of a new decade. 

The power of all these factors coming together I feel makes it a perfect time for setting intentions for positive new beginnings and for ritual celebrations of abundance and hopeful visions of the future. With this alignment we have many cycles that are both ending and beginning. It is an opportunity for both integrating what is coming to completion as well as visioning the possibilities of new cycles and aligning with new timelines.


The New Moon and the eclipse are exact at 9:15 pm California time today, which is when I would see the portal as being fully open, but I feel the portal entry period, as I discuss in this video, extends all the way until the next New Moon on January 24th. When a new moon is in conjunction with another planet, astrologers see it as an imprint for the entire month ahead, and so for this one to be in exact conjunction with Jupiter means that the first month of the new decade will carry its mark.

Every month at the new Moon we mark the beginning of a new cycle of self care, the balancing of the light of day with the mysteries of the night, the integration of radiant selfhood and the nurturing of both self and others. It is an opportunity for fresh starts and the clearing of the old to make space for the new. For this New Moon to happen within days of the Solstice and the beginning of a new season makes this feeling of fresh starts even more potent, and for it to happen at the ending of a decade makes it a powerful opportunity to turn within and integrate all you have achieved and overcome over the past ten years, and also envision and set intentions for the decade ahead. 

That this special alignment is being supported by Jupiter brings an opportunity to make your own unique contact and find your own meaningful relationship with this planet. For astrologers, Jupiter is a mighty ambassador of hope, joy and abundance; of gratitude, generosity and good will. It is very much in alignment with the true spirit of these holy days of Solstice time. This time where we remember to laugh and come together with family and friends to express our gratitude and love towards each other. To cuddle up and be merry, to move out of resentment and into peace, kindness and hopeful visions of the future.

Every year for two weeks the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, this means that when you look in the direction of the Sun, and I feel this is especially potent at sunrise and sunset, you can imagine that directly in your line of sight, way out past the Sun, Jupiter is moving through time-space and combining with the consciousness of the Sun to pull you towards the timelines of abundance and hope, the timelines of optimism and the capacity to find humor even in the midst of life’s challenges. 

The Sun Jupiter cycle of time is the one where we get to honor our achievements and see ourselves in a positive light. It is the cycle that takes us higher in the direction of good fortune, and it is an opportunity to navigate towards our lucky star. Let yourself be pulled onto positive timelines and remember that there are silver and gold linings that are sometimes not available to our rational minds, but often can be seen from higher perspectives.

When Jupiter is conjunct the Sun it is also at it’s farthest distance from the earth, and it is a good to time to travel there in our imaginations and receive the most expansive perspective on our lives. It has been twelve years since Jupiter was last in this position, so think back over the last decade and then go back just a bit more. Where were you for the Solstice of 2007, and can you see how far you’ve come? Do you feel pride in all that you have achieved? If you do not, then you’ve got to climb higher. Find a higher frequency perspective and you will see yourself in a better light.

The Moon Jupiter cycle is the cycle of the generous good-mother force of the universe, and each month at the conjunction point as we are now, she calls us back to her embrace where we can see the evidence of her presence in our lives. It is a time to feel gratitude for all of the ways you feel nourished and supported by the universe and a time to be a channel of her generosity towards those you love and those that need your support. 

I send you all much love and many blessings as we move into these new cycles of time.