Must See “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn Exact on Solstice!

The once-in-twenty-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is moving towards exactitude on the winter solstice (December 21st). They are currently 1.25 degrees from exact and getting tighter every night. In this video I encourage everyone to get out and view the alignment and talk about its meaning from an astrological perspective.

What’s unique about this particular conjunction (besides the addition of Pluto making it a very rare triple conjunction, which won’t happen again this precisely for a thousand years), the declination of Jupiter and Saturn are bringing them so close together (within 0.1 degrees) that they may appear to be a single bright “star” when exact in the days around the 21st. They have not been this close since 1623, and they won’t be this close again for another 60 years, three Jupiter-Saturn cycles from now.


Some are calling this a “Christmas star,” a genuine star of Bethlehem, and perhaps this is a time for opening to Christ Consciousness. I would also like to think of it as the descent of a great wise mother force, bringing her protective powers to those in need. December 15-17th a crescent Moon will join Jupiter and Saturn after sunset close to the western horizon, and I think this may be, in a year of amazing sky watching, the most beautiful astronomical event of the year. It will be a moment for anchoring the great mother force deep down at your moral center, offering prayers of gratitude for such a gift.

I’ve been observing this conjunction (called a “Great Conjunction” by astronomers) all year, especially the monthly pulses when the Moon has joined it), and it has been the most transformative experience of sky watching in my 30 year journey as an astrologer. These coming days and weeks are the grand finale to a cosmic display the likes of which will not be seen again for decades. I hope you will join me in watching these lights come together in the sky and be receptive to any messages of guidance that come to you as you observe them. Sending blessings, love and light.