Parts 2-4 of my 2020 Intuitive Forecast Video Series

In these next two videos in the series I go deeper with my discussion of the most important energies of the coming year. This includes (in part 3) a look at the charts for the full year ahead, including the important alignments that unfold over the course of the US election season (alignments for the primary season, the election day chart, and those leading to the inauguration). Also included in Part 3 is a brief look at the natal chart of Donald Trump and his transits as he faces his impeachment trial.

In Part 2 of the forecast series I continue to explore the power of the Once-in-1000-Year Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction that has been amplified over the last couple of weeks by the Sun and Mercury joining the conjunction. I discuss more of my reasoning behind calling this a “Dragonrider Portal” and how the range of different stories about dragons really fit the quality of these planets coming together.

There are many kinds of dragons and many different kinds of relationships with dragons that are portrayed in mythology, literature, video games and films. There are, for example, the stories where the dragon must be slain. Here we can think of Archangel Michael and Saint George fighting their Dragons, or the Slaying of Smog in Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” There’s also the Japanese 8-headed dragon, Orochi, slain by Susa-no-o, and the Vedic Vritra slain by Indra. 

Dragon slayer stories are one way of representing the overcoming of chaos or the control of potentially dangerous energies. These stories of destroying dark forces to me feel more masculine/patriarchal in their approach to these shadow energies, but there are other stories that feel more feminine. Rather than slaying, these stories focus on the taming, riding, or freeing of dragons.


One example is Khaleesi in “Game of Thrones,” with her embodiment of a feminine force that is able to tame and ride dragons, and then, with that power, bring peace and freedom to oppressed peoples. This is more the direction I’m aiming for in my description of our current astrology, but there are limitations to this story, of course, as Khaleesi is far from perfect in her attempt to tame the violent dragon energies. Durga is another example of a rider of powerful forces (in this case in the form of a lion or tiger), but still carrying the weapons of war. Similarly, we see the riding of Toruk Makto in the movie “Avatar,” with the hero Jake leading the rally to a war of resistance. 

A different representation of dragon riders can be seen in the Harry Potter series (I briefly look at J.K. Rowling’s chart in part 3 of my forecast) when Harry, Hermione and Ron escape Gringotts on the back of the Ukrainian Ironbelly who had been enslaved to protect the treasure of dark wizards and witches. Another version can be seen in the movie “Whale Rider” where the Maori girl Kahu Paikea Apirana overcomes her people’s patrilineal laws and become chief when she is able to ride a beached whale (defeated life force energies) and lead many other beached whales back to the freedom of the sea. 

For me, the ultimate example of these stories can be found in the mythology of Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, who is sometimes depicted as standing on the back of a sea dragon. Kwan Yin can be seen as the force of peace that overcomes the forces of greed and violence, transforming the impulse to seek revenge into non-violent resistance. She is the embodiment of the open heart chakra, and is the one who is able to turn the other cheek and take the high road in response to aggression.

In the astrological tradition Pluto is the planet connected to the shadow impulses of greed and violent retribution. Pluto is also representative of the powerful forces of nature that can be channeled in non-violent ways. When we combine Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, with Pluto, it can expand these forces of nature to the grandest scale, and you then get a symbol for massive powerful creatures like dragons, whales and big cats. 

Jupiter is also connected to higher moral values, and when combined with Pluto can represent the force of moral power that transforms lower dark energies. Especially when also combined with Saturn, which can represent mastery, maturity and containment, the Jupiter-Pluto archetype can symbolize the rising up of powerful forces, and a rising above the dark impulses of the human psyche. These three planets together really fit well the stories of masterful channeling of potentially dangerous energies in the direction of peace and redemption.

In part 3 of my video series I name a number of people who are embodiments of the dragonrider mythology, and were each born with Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions like the one that is now forming in the sky. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Eva Peron were all born with Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, and were each working with masses of people to channel mass-scale energies in the direction of non-violent transformation of society. 

Another person born with the Jupiter-Pluto cycle emphasized in her natal chart (the opposition) is Rosa Parks. She embodied this force of moral power when she refused to get off the Alabama bus in December 1955 under an exact Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (square Saturn) in the sky. She was a dragonrider like Kwan Yin, channeling a powerful force of history and non-violently bending it towards peace and justice.

May we all be dragonriders of peace in the year ahead as we fly towards our highest goals. Sending blessings of peace to you all. 

In my last video in this forecast series I draw tarot cards for 2020, and I feel they help draw everything together. For links to the decks used in the video, see the description box below the video on YouTube. Enjoy