Trinity Portal: Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

It's been overcast in the mornings here in San Francisco, and I have not been able to get a clear and sustained view of the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction until yesterday. It was quite a sight, and so worth waking up an hour before sunrise to see. In this video I share my stream of consciousness reflections on the nature of warriors and warrioresses, and how we can each bring our super powers to help with the global crisis we find ourselves in.

I have never actually observed these three gathering together in the sky. I think I was sleeping-in 20 years ago when last they charged forward together in April of 2020.

The next time Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be in a triple conjunction is not until September of 2040, and so now's the time to get out there with your coffee and see what messages come from these super friends.


They will be in tight range for the next three weeks or so, but right now the alignment is particularly striking with Mars exactly conjunct Jupiter and the three forming a tight triangle pattern that to me looks like a bow pulled taut and about to loose its arrow across the sky. So try to get out there to see it in the next few mornings if you can. It is so special to observe.

If you watch the video to the end you will also get to see the Moon, and then the sunrise with the special tarot cards I drew there under the sky. Blessings!