Trippy Portal Open for Exploration: Mercury-Neptune Conjunction 2/8-2/25

Hey Everyone: There’s a trippy portal open for exploration! Are you ready to take the red pill and slide down the rabbit hole? We are at the beginning of another Mercury-Neptune cycle of time. These two planets are in a long conjunction that is happening in two distinct phases. This first phase overlaps with a Mercury retrograde cycle (which can itself feel really trippy), and goes from February 8th to the 25th. Mercury goes retrograde from February 16th to March 9th, and so this makes for 4 weeks of super flowy mindstates. After Mercury goes direct it will eventually catch back up with Neptune and we will get another two weeks of the conjunction from March 26th to April 9th.

Mercury has to do with mindstates, curiosity, mental focus, and communication. Neptune has to do with spirituality, flow states, inspiration, the dissolution of boundaries and the water element. In this video I discuss a few of the possibilities for these two coming together. The setting for the video, by the ocean with the sounds of the waves, crows, and the foghorn in the distance, is great for the energy, with the water relaxing my mind and softening my voice. When I stopped to record this I had been walking for over 8 miles in 70 degree weather, and I was in a lovely flow state.


When Mercury and Neptune dance together things can get trippy. Neptune dissolves ordinary left-brain mindstates into intuitive right-brain flow states. When we relax our minds, magical possibilities open up, and we move beyond our usual pragmatic choices to see the more fluid possibilities usually hidden from view. It is a time when the voice of our higher selves can be heard more clearly, and so it is worth pausing and quieting down to really pay attention.

The Mercury-Neptune cycle of time has to do with the waves and tides of our various mindstates. It is the pace of our thinking process when we step outside of time to receive loving messages of guidance from above. These are the times when we learn to develop our intuitive abilities and receive psychic downloads, and it's a great time to use divinatory tools like tarot and astrology to make the downloads clearer and more potent. These tools amplify the heavenly messages so you can really hear them and then flow with inspiration.

This is a great time to get an intuitive reading, and I would love to work with you if you feel pulled to it. Check out my availability through the blue pop-up button in the bottom right corner of every page on this site.

Sending blessings!