Very Powerful Astrology December 2020 – March 2021

The astrology of the next three months is a sequence of incredibly rare astronomical events that have not happened in centuries. We are in the grand finale of an already over-the-top year, and the end game is in play.

This tight a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn hasn’t happened since 1623, and even then, when they came into their exact alignment, they were too far on the other side of the Sun, from the Earth’s perspective, to be seen.


That was just 15 years after the invention of the telescope, but astronomers then didn’t see the 1623 alignment with telescopic magnification. So, if you happen to see this alignment with a pair of binoculars (which I highly recommend), you’ll be amongst the first humans in history to see it that way.

So I hope you’ll get out there and connect with the wonders of planetary consciousness.


In part two I continue to review the situation with both astrology and astronomy software, and discuss the potential meanings of these incredibly rare alignments. I hope you find my discussion helpful, and I hope you get outside as many nights as possible over the next 7-10 days to watch Jupiter and Saturn come within 0.1 degrees of each other. The next three nights a crescent Moon will join them for an incredibly beautiful display. Check it out after sunset!

This part includes a look at an astronomy app that gives a heliocentric view of the planets movement around the Sun from now through March. I think this view helps us really feel ourselves as a planet rolling around the Sun in our dance with all the other planets and the Moon. You'll be able to see the dramatic alignments we've moved into, and perhaps feel the potency of our current moment in time. Its amazing to be alive in such times as ours, and what a privilege to participate in such crossroads of world history.  Sending blessings!