Very Rare Planetary Conjunctions: December 2019 to December 2020. Cosmic Portal Overview.

I recorded this video to help show the special astronomical alignments of both the recent time, and going forward for the next few weeks and months. We are moving into what I feel is the most dramatic alignment in over thirty years, and Venus is ushering us into it with love.

The planets Jupiter Saturn and Pluto have moved within twenty degrees of each other in the same part of the sky, and will be within ten degrees by February. They have not all been within this range of each other since 1981, and then they were only at that close range for about a month. 

Our incoming alignment will get as close as 4 degrees of precision, and will stay within an 8 degree range for a full 10 months, from March through the end of December. Prior to 1981 the last time all three were this close was in 1445, but again only for about a month. The last time we had an alignment as sustained and potent as our current one was in the year 1285. After 2020 there is not another close triple conjunction of these three outer planets until the year 2417.


In the coming months I will be writing a lot about, and making many videos about, the astrological meaning of this epic alignment. In this video I mainly want to show the astronomy of the event, and how that translates to the astrological chart representation. It is my hope that by tuning into the astronomy it will be easier to tune into the alignment on the level of consciousness.

In this video I use two pieces of software to do a cosmic overview of the important portals that are opening during the next month, and showing how they are leading into the epic alignment of 2020. I show the astrological map with its more abstract representation of the heavens from the perspective of the earth, side by side with the astronomical map with its heliocentric perspective (Sun at the center). 

I think using both of these maps, combined with actually communing with these alignments in the sky (and perhaps also using a phone app like Starwalk 2 to know where to look for them), it is easier to navigate and understand what is happening with each portal. I think this video may be especially helpful for astrologers who want to understand the astronomy behind our poetic art form.

As we begin to find our roar for the 2020's, it could be a great moment for an intuitive reading. It's time to start setting intentions around our own personal relationship with this epic portal of possibilities. To see my availability for individual consultations click on the floating blue button in the lower right corner of this page. Blessings!