Very Rare Portal of Profound Love is Open (Venus-Saturn-Pluto Triple Conjunction 12/02-12/20)

I hope you all have been experiencing much joy and abundance in the Portal of the Expanding Heart (the recent Venus Jupiter conjunction that I wrote about last time). We are still moving through this portal for a few more days, and at the same time we are at the threshold of a new portal, what I’m calling the Portal of Profound Love. This is the name I’ve chosen for this rare conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto which lasts until about December 20th. 

We only get a tight triple conjunction like this twice during our current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with the first having been in February of this year. Previous to February, the last time to catch a wave like this was way back in 1983, so this is a very rare chance to set an intention for deeper, more sustained and sustainable love and intimacy in our lives, with both self and others. 

When these three planets are in alignment with the Earth there is an opportunity to strengthen and deepen our love relationships. We all long for deep intimacy and for strong secure attachments with the people who matter the most to us, and this starts with ourselves. Do we feel satisfied by the depth of intimacy we have with ourselves? Are we loyal lovers to ourselves? Are we able to demonstrate love towards ourselves in the tough times, on our tough days? Do we notice when our hearts are closed toward ourselves, and how do we work to keep our hearts open and practice forgiveness towards ourselves and others?


For me this is the essence of the spiritual path: learning to love and forgive ourselves each day, especially in the areas where we see our flaws and limitations. Its about learning to love our flaws, and its about learning to bring love into our depths where shame, ugliness and repressed pain, as well as our greatest gifts and passions, often live. 

This is the masterclass in love, and these next few weeks are a chance to really learn to grow in these areas, as well as set intentions for the future. It is also an important time to appreciate and anchor all the ways we’ve already matured and found wisdom in these areas. It is a time to ask ourselves how we are doing in the grand masterclass of love: the experience of our entire lifetime journey.

This is the cycle of time where we stretch ourselves to work harder at loving ourselves, where we learn to navigate our own shadow material and the shadow material of others with greater lovingkindness. It is also the cycle where we learn to find additional support and guidance from those with more skills and wisdom in these areas. In my experience these are lifetime daily practice, and like the cycles of the heavens, there are many ups and downs and spirals of growth when it comes to our capacity to be loyal deep lovers with ourselves and others. 

What have been the consequences in our lives, (joyful, challenging, and mixed) when it comes to love and sexuality? What are the consequences for not going deep enough, and what are the consequences for going too deep? What are the consequences when we hang in there with the people that matter the most? Has it been worth it? Is it worth it to try harder? Have we hung in there too long with someone, and are we experiencing the consequences of being too loyal where there has been a proven lack of reciprocity? When have we been too serious in love, and when not enough?

Another question we might ask: do I have a pattern of going too deep too fast in my new intimate relationships? If yes then Saturn can help us slow things down to a sustainable pace as we learn how to dive only as deep as we have the skills for, and then coming up for air before it is too much.

This is a time to let ourselves be attracted to maturity, to fall in love with wisdom, to see the beauty in our own aging process and the aging process of those we are attracted to. 

Venus and Saturn have something to do with how love grows stronger and more mature over time, and how there are special qualities of love that can only be found on planets like the Earth where time feels linear and where death seems real. 

Now is a time to recognize our own maturation process in the area of love, sexuality and intimacy, to see how we’ve learned from our mistakes in these areas and to honor ourselves for how far we have come. It is also an important time to honor those support people who have embodied wisdom and helped us to mature and grow stronger in these areas. 

Who are the people in our lives that have helped us through the hard times? Who’s hung in there with us, and who have we hung in there with? Now is a time to recognize these people and to appreciate the value of that work, to honor how far we’ve come and the quality of love that we have built. These are the people to keep hanging in there with because of the value of that investment of love.

It is a time to recognize how the challenges of life draw forth the strongest love, both within ourselves and between ourselves and others, and how this is even more true when it comes to the  challenges that feel most epic in scope and consequential in their gravity. These are the times when the deepest powers of love emerge and we get to see that love is a force of nature that we can trust to transform, heal and sustain us when we are working with our most demanding Karmic patterns. 

This can also be a moment where we recognize either our maturity in finding sexual satisfaction, or our need to seek guidance in this area. Its a moment where we can see the positive consequences in our lives for any work we’ve done around sexuality as well as the healing power of sustained deep intimacy. We learn to see the moments when we feel a lack  of intimacy in our lives as a chance to put more time and energy into developing the skills necessary to get our needs met.

These are weeks where there is a chance to set the tone for the coming decades (until the next tight Venus-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction in February of 2053). Its not that there won’t be tons of support from the heavens in these areas between now and then (Venus is conjunct Saturn and Pluto at different times every year, and there is actually another, broader, triple conjunction of these three in February of 2021), but I say this to indicate the rare chance to set a powerful intention to become more mature, and wiser in these areas.

This is also a great time to commune with the sky for support and guidance, a great time to observe the planets. For the hour after sunset look towards the western horizon and with a clear sky you will first see Jupiter closest to the horizon, then above that (and much brighter) you will see Venus followed by Saturn above. Saturn is a significantly fainter light than Venus, but still a clear pin-prick of slightly orange light. Imagine right next to Saturn is Pluto and watch how Venus gets closer to them in the coming days. Extend yourself to these planets and pray for guidance and support in your relationship with yourself and with those for whom you feel the most love. 

So lets get down, lets get funky, and lets get real as we approach the beginning of a new decade and a chance to find stronger and more satisfying love in our lives. For more of my thoughts on this special alignment please watch my new video where I explore other potentials of this alignment not mentioned here. This could also be a great time to have an astrological consultation to focus on these themes, and I would love to be of support to you if you are feeling drawn to it. Please click the blue button below in the right corner to see my schedule  for the month of December and to sign up for a consultation. Wishing you all deep sustained intimacy with yourself and the most important people in your life. Blessings!