Waking Up in San Francisco to the Season of Mars

I woke up in San Francisco yesterday to the season of Mars. Due to the massive fires in California and Oregon, a very rare meteorological phenomenon brought ashes and smoke into the currents of the high atmosphere and blocked out the light of the Sun, leaving an eerie orange/red sky. The birds were silent and the city lights were tricked into thinking it was nighttime, and the sky looked the way the movies portray the skies of Mars.

A few hours after I recorded this, Mars went retrograde and began seeming to go backwards from our perspective against the backdrop of the constellations. This occurs every couple of years when the Earth moves into its closest proximity to the red planet, and when we send out our probes and rovers on rockets, as we have been doing in recent months. As a planet, we are making a Mars flyby, and receiving the Martian frequencies right to our core.


Not only are we at our closest point of contact with Mars, but Mars is also in the sign Aries for the rest of this year. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and this makes things even hotter, even more red. Add to this the fact that Mars is also in an extremely rare 90 degree square alignment with this year’s epic Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction (also for the rest of the year and into January), you can understand why it is a time to bow to Mars and pray for guidance on how to navigate these fires, how to fight the good fight. It's one of the strongest possible seasons of Mars we've seen in a very long time. It's time to find our inner warrior for the push up the field.

Here is a brief Captain’s Log from my expedition out under these San Francisco red skies, sharing my reflections about it all, along with some general thoughts about the coming months and how the energies will shift early in 2021.