Woman Bites off Husband’s Tongue


This is a pretty crazy story. This woman went into a manic state and bit off her husband’s tongue when he tried to kiss her. I don’t know the personal birth charts for the people involved with this story, but the collective chart for the time of the event is really striking.

We have a pretty rare alignment in the sky right now: a Mercury-Mars-Pluto triple conjunction. On the night in question the Moon was involved: in a quadruple conjunction. The Mars-Pluto archetype is one that is associated with acts of animal aggression and primal rage. You often see it in the charts of people associated with violence/aggression (like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, General George Patton, etc.), and you often see it in the sky when there are news stories involving violence, road rage, assault, etc. What”s interesting here, though, is that Mercury is involved.
Mercury is the planet that is associated with the tongue. Mercury rules communication and speech, and it really fits that Mercury would be on the Mars-Pluto alignment for the night of this event. And then the Moon is also in the configuration. This just adds even more artistry to the alignment, and it fits that this is a story of a aggressive woman (Moon) in an intense (Pluto), aggressive (Mars/Pluto), emotional (Moon) state, acting out in a domestic (Moon) setting.