Training, Skills and Interests

  • B.A. Degree, Colgate University. Focus in Philosophy and Religion.
  • M.A. Degree, California Institute of Integral Studies.  Focus in Counseling Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and Consciousness Studies.
  • 6 years of counseling psychology training and practice. Focus in Gestalt Therapy.  
  • Certified yoga Instructor, Integral Yoga.
  • Certified breathwork facilitator, and trainer, Holotropic Breathwork.
  • 20 years of experience in group leadership and holding space for people in expanded states of consciousness.
  • Professional intuitive guide since 1997.
  • Teaching  intuitive arts since 1998.
  • Daily meditation, yoga, dance, astrology and tarot practice.
  • Have done my own inner work with many modalities, including:  psychotherapy, breathwork, sacred medicine work, sand tray therapy, conscious dance, The Hoffman Process family of origin work,  12 step work, The Human Awareness Institute work on sexuality and intimacy, and the transformational experience that is Burning Man.
  • Deep interest in metaphysical studies, channeled literature,  psychedelic studies, telepathy, reincarnation, and the evidence for life between lifetimes.   I identify with a multidimensional, parallel universe model of the cosmos, and I have a deep ongoing inquiry into the nature of UFOs and the likelihood of an ET presence on the Earth.
  • An abiding love for The Grateful Dead.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Matthew for many years and always come away more connected, inspired and joyful. He has developed a unique and powerfully keen sense of   finding meaning and interconnectedness through imagery and the divinatory practices of tarot and astrology. I feel the work he is doing helps us to find balance in the uncertainty, fear and negativity that we often find ourselves in. Matthew’s deep understanding of these practices and his way of channeling information through his loving spirit is healing to experience."

Tessa Barr - Artist

"Matthew was facilitating at my first Holotropic Breathwork training in 2007, and over the years became a source of tremendous encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration for me. His deep intelligence, spiritual sensitivity, and immense compassion are extraordinary. With his knowledge of astrology and other divinatory practices, he supported me on the way to knowing, understanding, and accepting myself in ways that have been entirely new for me, and quite literally life-changing. When I compare myself in 2007 to the person I have become, I find a deep well of gratitude for Matthew’s wise guidance."

Pam Stockton, MA, LA, SEC - Therapist and Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator

I worked with Matthew for many years and found his support and advice both clear and loving. He is a Teacher as well as an astrologer, so I found myself, over the years, learning to gaze at the heavens with him.  Sometimes, astrologers are more interested in telling you what they think will happen to you - as if you are a pawn played by the fingers of gods. Matthew is all about loving kindness, self-actualization, and empowerment. His training in Holotropic Breathwork allows him to stand aside and support you on your journey, guiding rather than telling. And he does all this from a huge heart space. Being supported by his love is incredibly healing.”

Sharanya Naik - Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator