May Super Portal of Love!

One of the most potent alignments of the century begins on May 6th (5:15pm CDT) when the Moon enters Taurus and joins Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus for 2 days (until 6:15pm CDT May 8th). These 5 planets will not be together again in Taurus for the rest of the century. This is an important moment at the New Moon for creating a special altar, and setting intentions for the month ahead.

Meditate on the meaning of Taurus. In the northern hemisphere Taurus marks the peak of Spring, the peak of fertility, the peak of flowers blooming, and the celebration of the pagan holiday Beltane. Taurus is the ultimate earth sign and gives us insight into the pentacles suit in the tarot. Taurus is all about living the good life, and a philosophy of enjoying the pleasures of the earth, the foods, the sensual pleasures of sexuality, and the beauty of a well kept home.

When you combine Taurus with Jupiter and Venus (which can only happen at most once-in-twelve-years), it is the ultimate alignment of the joys and pleasures of a good life. So you can understand why these coming weeks are meant to be enjoyed...take a vacation, get out dancing, throw a party, make love 10 times as often as you usually do. Take that flight to Paris, let yourself be surprised by love. Surprise your lover with a trip out of town.

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Very Sweet Grand Trine on October 20th and extending to the 25th!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are riding these eclipse season waves well, and that your hearts are filled with love. I've got a new video for you which focuses on a very sweet alignment which is happening tomorrow, and which extends through the 25th. Skip to the 9 minute mark in the video if you want to get right into this discussion. The alignment tomorrow is a rare, exact and visible, grand trine of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. The Venus trine to Jupiter continues strongly until the 25th. If you catch the wave tomorrow, you can just keep on riding it.

Getting three planets to line up in an exact equilateral triangle formation is pretty uncommon, and yet we have three forming in the next two weeks (two on the same day, November 3rd). Trines between two planets form frequently, but to have one be in exact 120 degree precision at the same time another planet moves into the sweet spot which forms the perfected symmetry of a tight grand trine, is a much rarer event. 

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The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2023-2024 Has Begun!

Today I want to let you know about a special, once-in-thirteen-year conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Uranus that is happening between June 2023 and June 2024. 

This is the Year we Level Up

In these coming months if you point your telescope towards Jupiter it won’t be hard to find Uranus nearby. The last time these two planets came together was from March of 2010 to March of 2011. Take a moment to consider those months to see if it was a time when you leveled up at the game of life. Was it a year when you broke free of the past and leapt confidently into the future? The level-up that occurred that year has now been all played out. Are you ready to take it to the next level, and show the universe your moves? Are you ready for your next quantum leap, your next moon-shot, your next consciousness upgrade? 

The previous conjunction happened during most of 1997. Consider that year also. Can you see ways that that was also a major level-up year for you, whether that be spiritually, creatively, career wise, or perhaps even cosmologically? Did your perception of your life, your place in the universe, and your sense of your own human potential expand during that year? If not, then recognize that every one of these conjunctions represents another opportunity to go quantum and fly to higher possibilities, but only if you want that ticket to ride. There are risks in getting on board starships, and you’re liable to break free of an ego constraint that you are not quite ready to let go of.

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Very Rare Solstice Moon-Venus-Mars Triple Conjunction

I am writing to let you know about a very special astronomical and astrological alignment that will be on display these next three nights, and especially on the night of the solstice, tomorrow night. Below you will find a video that I recorded about it. I hope you get out after sunset these nights to see what is sure (weather gods willing) to be a very beautiful sight. There won’t be a similar alignment of the planets on our evening horizon until 2029, so it is a rare gift for lovers of the sky.

This astronomical alignment has the potential for powerful astrological magic (with astrology being astronomy plus prayer and ritual). It is, of course, the Solstice, and either the longest day of the year if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The Earth has moved into one of its extreme positions in its relationship with the Sun, and it represents a moment of extremes: longest day or shortest day, and the beginning of either the hottest season, or the coldest. 

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