Very Rare Solstice Moon-Venus-Mars Triple Conjunction

I am writing to let you know about a very special astronomical and astrological alignment that will be on display these next three nights, and especially on the night of the solstice, tomorrow night. Below you will find a video that I recorded about it. I hope you get out after sunset these nights to see what is sure (weather gods willing) to be a very beautiful sight. There won’t be a similar alignment of the planets on our evening horizon until 2029, so it is a rare gift for lovers of the sky.

This astronomical alignment has the potential for powerful astrological magic (with astrology being astronomy plus prayer and ritual). It is, of course, the Solstice, and either the longest day of the year if you’re in the northern hemisphere, or the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The Earth has moved into one of its extreme positions in its relationship with the Sun, and it represents a moment of extremes: longest day or shortest day, and the beginning of either the hottest season, or the coldest. 


It is a moment when the Sun seems to sit still on the same part of the horizon for days, reminding us to pause and sit stationary, as we consciously move into a new season of our lives. It is a time to stop and reflect on your relationship with the Sun and recognize that you are a being who participates in seasonal change. 

What does it mean to be ending one season of your life, and about to begin another? What is your vision and intention for the coming season? This is a great day to ritualize the transition to a new season, and to pray for support in manifesting your vision. It is a moment to align your summer vision with the summer visions of those closest to you. 

Helping you in all of this will be one of the most beautiful astronomical events that you can witness, a Moon-Venus-Mars triple conjunction which will be on display in the western sky above the sunset. This will be visible starting about 20-30 minutes after sunset, and then for another 2 1/2 hours. The last time the Moon, Venus and Mars conjoined in the evening sky was July 11th 2021, but that alignment was much harder to see than this will be, with their brightness dimmer and their visibility much shorter. 

Venus is currently at peak brightness, approaching closer to the Earth each day, and though Mars is moving away from the Earth, it is still relatively bright. So this should be a very easy alignment to see if your weather is good, and it will be visible for nearly three hours. I encourage you to get out to one of your favorite spots to enjoy the sunset, and then wait 20-30 minutes for the Moon and Venus to appear out of the twilight, and then wait another 15-20 minutes for Mars to be clearly visible.

The next time Venus and Mars will conjoin in the evening sky won’t be until November of 2027 (that one will be like the 2021 alignment, lower in the sky and less bright), so this is a truly rare opportunity for sky watching. The next time there will be a similarly dramatic Venus-Mars conjunction won’t be until they come together in the morning sky in 2028, and the next similarly bright evening apparition will not be until November of 2029. So let’s get out there people! 

While it is only this Tuesday-Thursday that the crescent Moon will be close to Venus and Mars, those two will remain bright and close to each other until a month from now when the Moon will come back around again to form a broader triple conjunction (July 19-21). So you’ve got this whole month to take in this astronomical formation and align with its astrological potential.

A Moon-Venus conjunction in astrology has to do with love, intimacy and kindness with yourself and those you love the most. It represents a monthly opportunity to connect with the sacred feminine and the divine mother, and to feel her working through you as you open your heart more and more. Each month these Venus Gates (also called Rose Gates) are opportunities to get out and witness the embrace of the two brightest lights of the night as you practice loving kindness with yourself and others.

When you add Mars to this alignment you get both a Moon-Mars conjunction and a Venus-Mars conjunction, and both of these planetary relationships bring Mars’ heat, movement and force of will to your relational field and your intimate life. Mars with Venus gets things moving in the direction of love and pleasure, and it can set a signal fire to pull you towards your lover (known or unknown) in a warm embrace. So as Venus embraces Mars in the sky this next month let it inspire you to embrace and dance with those you love.

Mars also makes you want to fight for who and what you love the most. If the Moon and Venus on their own are about loving kindness, then when you add Mars it brings force, courage and action to that lovingkindness. This is a planetary trio that has a lot to do with practicing advocacy for both your own needs and the needs of your closest loved ones. 

When Venus and Mars come together its a reminder to get moving and dancing towards your heart’s desire. It’s a time to turn the volume up on the sound system and call your friends over for a dance party. It is a time to kiss your lover, holding them tightly as you witness the dance of our three planetary friends in the sky above.

This month marks an opportunity to ritualize these potentials, so I hope you get out to see the alignment to make direct contact with these wanderers of the night, as you dance with them towards a happy destiny.