4th of July Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto: Dragon Rider Summit

Hey Everyone: Be sure to get out after sunset these next 2 nights to observe a Full Moon rising conjunct Jupiter, Saturn (both visible) and Pluto. They will stay visible all night, and so if the weather is good let yourself be pulled outside to check it out. In this video I share my reflections on this first night of the alignment which involved a penumbral lunar eclipse and the 4th of July fireworks display over San Francisco and Oakland. This is definitely one lunar eclipse that I will never forget (even if it was penumbral). There is an obvious power to this moment, and what I feel is the peak two months of this year-long alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, which I have been calling the Dragon Rider Portal of 2020.

This has been such an amazing alignment to observe each month this year as the Moon has joined the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment. This is the 5th time that the alignment has formed, and for me it has been the most profound experience of watching the lunar pulses of time combine with the larger 20 year pulses of the Jupiter-Saturn alignment, and the even larger pulses of Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto tightly coming together in this once-in-a-thousand year way.

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