Alignments for Justice and Peace. Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto and Mars-Neptune

It has been really powerful for me to be attuned to Venus in these recent weeks as she has moved from being a very bright evening star (in a long, heart-chakra-opening, square to Neptune), to her moving retrograde and between the Earth and the Sun, where she is not currently visible. I am really looking forward to greeting her in a week or so as she becomes a morning star and continues her daily reminder to stay in our hearts. 

A sextile has a special feeling of harmony and stimulating closeness for the planets involved, and as you observe one, you can understand why astrologers have associated this angle with positive meanings. This is a great time to get a feeling for the sextile, as the visible planets involved here (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) are moving slowly enough that you can really feel into it’s quality over these next three weeks, and with the Moon crossing that 60 degree span over the next 5 nights this a particularly great week for experiencing it.

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