The Heart Chakra Portal of 2020 is Open.

We have moved into another portal, what I’m calling the Heart Chakra Portal of 2020. Some of you journeyed with me through the Heart Chakra Portal of 2019, and that portal really began a new phase of my approach to astrology. I started my course “Tarot and Flow” under that alignment, and it was an exploration of how the tools of astrology and tarot are ultimately self-love practices that are meant to help us open our hearts to receive loving messages of guidance.

At that time I started to bring more focus to the conjunction phases (when two or more planets come within a close range in the same part of the sky) of the planetary cycles of time. It is the conjunctions of the planets that represent the ending of one cycle of time, and the beginning of a new cycle of time. These moments are opportunities for the integration of the previous cycle and also for visioning, and setting intention for the new cycle. These times can bring a fresh start with regard to the qualities and themes associated with the two planets in conjunction. 

Some conjunctions happen often (like the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun each month at the New Moon), others happen yearly or bi-yearly (inner planet conjunctions) and others are much rarer, like our current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which happens every 20 years. Other cycles of time begin even more rarely, like the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that I’ve been exploring in recent videos and blog posts, which won’t come into another powerful alignment for more than a thousand years.

The Heart Chakra Portal is a conjunction of Venus and Neptune and it happens approximately once per year. The last time they conjoined was in late March/early April of 2019, and the next time will be late April/early May of 2021. Now is a moment to reflect on the time period since last April and consider how you’ve done with the themes of the Venus-Neptune combination. These themes are explored in my new video, and I hope you will check it out.

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Parts 2-4 of my 2020 Intuitive Forecast Video Series

In these next two videos in the series I go deeper with my discussion of the most important energies of the coming year. This includes (in part 3) a look at the charts for the full year ahead, including the important alignments that unfold over the course of the US election season (alignments for the primary season, the election day chart, and those leading to the inauguration). Also included in Part 3 is a brief look at the natal chart of Donald Trump and his transits as he faces his impeachment trial.

In Part 2 of the forecast series I continue to explore the power of the Once-in-1000-Year Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction that has been amplified over the last couple of weeks by the Sun and Mercury joining the conjunction. I discuss more of my reasoning behind calling this a “Dragonrider Portal” and how the range of different stories about dragons really fit the quality of these planets coming together.

There are many kinds of dragons and many different kinds of relationships with dragons that are portrayed in mythology, literature, video games and films. There are, for example, the stories where the dragon must be slain. Here we can think of Archangel Michael and Saint George fighting their Dragons, or the Slaying of Smog in Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” There’s also the Japanese 8-headed dragon, Orochi, slain by Susa-no-o, and the Vedic Vritra slain by Indra. 

Dragon slayer stories are one way of representing the overcoming of chaos or the control of potentially dangerous energies. These stories of destroying dark forces to me feel more masculine/patriarchal in their approach to these shadow energies, but there are other stories that feel more feminine. Rather than slaying, these stories focus on the taming, riding, or freeing of dragons.

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2020 Intuitive Forecast (4 Parts). Once-in-1000-Year Dragonrider Portal is Open All Year!

Dear friends, I send Blessings for a magic new year, and a love-filled new decade!

I have recorded a series of videos on my astrology forecast for 2020. In this series of 4 videos I focus on a very rare alignment of three outer planets that have already come into conjunction, but will become more precise over the next few weeks and then remain very powerful all year. I'm referring to a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and they have already moved within fifteen degrees of each other in the same part of the sky. They will be within ten degrees by February.

They have not all been within this range of each other since 1981, and then they were only at that close range for about a month. Our incoming alignment will get as close as 4 degrees of precision, and will stay within an 8 degree range for a full 10 months, from March through the end of December. Prior to 1981, the last time all three were this close was in 1445, but again, only for about a month. The last time we had an alignment as sustained and potent as the one coming in was over seven hundred years ago, in the year 1285. After 2020 there is not another close triple conjunction of these three outer planets until the year 3151.

This alignment is an overlapping configuration of three cycles of time, (the Jupiter-Pluto cycle, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, and the Saturn-Pluto cycle) each with their own independent range of meanings, but when combined creating a range of unique potentials. 

Throughout 2019 we experienced the first year that Saturn and Pluto came into exact conjunction since the alignment of 1982-1983. This configuration can be quite challenging and often brings both the collective and individuals into direct confrontation with Shadow material. It can bring a collective journey to the underworld and profound encounters with repressed contents of the human psyche.

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