Searching for Comet Neowise and Full Moon Conjunct Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto

This video was a breakthrough for me in the sense that after nearly five months of lockdown I finally felt safe enough to walk from my home to Ocean Beach here in San Francisco, which is about a five mile walk, and which I used to regularly enjoy before the pandemic.

It was the full Moon conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and the call of comet Neowise, which got my butt out the door on a rare warm beautiful day in the midst of our normally foggy summer weather. Because it has been so foggy I have not had a chance to see the comet since an amazing experience in the morning sky when Neowise first became visible over San Francisco. I saw that there was a good chance that there would be clear western skies at the beach and I was super excited to get one last chance to see this very rare celestial event.

As you will see, I had a very special night at the beach with the full Moon rising over the dunes, and with my ginormous binoculars, sky app, and the stars. You'll have to watch to see if I saw Neo, but I definitely broke free of the Matrix at least for one night. At the end of the video I include a clip from two nights earlier, as the Moon was first coming into the conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, when I had an amazing close encounter with a Red Tailed Hawk which flew right by me and landed on a branch right in front of the Moon.

Sending blessings to you all.

Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Red-Tailed Hawk Encounter

So another month has passed, and the Moon is back, joining Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in another, incredibly rare, 4 planet conjunction. This is the sixth time this year that the Moon has joined the slower moving planets to form what I’ve been calling a “Council of Elders Portal.” It is another chance to be held by the Moon and the other lights in the sky, as we move through this incredibly challenging year.

I hope you will make a pilgrimage to see them tonight and spend some time in silent reflection. Extend your consciousness to make contact with these great beings of light, and then relax to receive whatever loving messages of guidance come to you.

I strongly recommend trying to get outside to see this alignment in these next three nights. Tonight it will be tightly conjoined with Jupiter, and the next two nights closer to Saturn. If you are fortunate with the weather, find a sweet spot with a view of the eastern horizon and then, as the Sun sets behind you, you will see the nearly full Moon rising next to Jupiter and Saturn, who are both at their brightest right now due to the Earth being at its closest distance to them both (as well as Pluto). It’s even better if you can find a spot that has views of both the eastern and western horizons so you can watch the sunset (and also look for comet Neowise), and then turn around to see the Moon with Jupiter and Saturn.

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