Very Sweet Grand Trine on October 20th and extending to the 25th!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are riding these eclipse season waves well, and that your hearts are filled with love. I've got a new video for you which focuses on a very sweet alignment which is happening tomorrow, and which extends through the 25th. Skip to the 9 minute mark in the video if you want to get right into this discussion. The alignment tomorrow is a rare, exact and visible, grand trine of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. The Venus trine to Jupiter continues strongly until the 25th. If you catch the wave tomorrow, you can just keep on riding it.

Getting three planets to line up in an exact equilateral triangle formation is pretty uncommon, and yet we have three forming in the next two weeks (two on the same day, November 3rd). Trines between two planets form frequently, but to have one be in exact 120 degree precision at the same time another planet moves into the sweet spot which forms the perfected symmetry of a tight grand trine, is a much rarer event. 

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