Very Sweet Grand Trine on October 20th and extending to the 25th!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are riding these eclipse season waves well, and that your hearts are filled with love. I've got a new video for you which focuses on a very sweet alignment which is happening tomorrow, and which extends through the 25th. Skip to the 9 minute mark in the video if you want to get right into this discussion. The alignment tomorrow is a rare, exact and visible, grand trine of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. The Venus trine to Jupiter continues strongly until the 25th. If you catch the wave tomorrow, you can just keep on riding it.

Getting three planets to line up in an exact equilateral triangle formation is pretty uncommon, and yet we have three forming in the next two weeks (two on the same day, November 3rd). Trines between two planets form frequently, but to have one be in exact 120 degree precision at the same time another planet moves into the sweet spot which forms the perfected symmetry of a tight grand trine, is a much rarer event. 


There are only eight grand trines that can potentially be seen with the naked eye. Some are more rare than others (like the ones that combine with Jupiter trine Saturn alignments, which only form twice in twenty years), others like this one, which involves a Venus trine Jupiter alignment, could potentially happen twice every 19 months, but to have the Moon be in the exact right part of its cycle when the Venus trine to Jupiter is precise (like this one is from October 18th-25th), and when the Sun is not obscuring the view, is much rarer. The last time there was a tight grand trine of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter was back on May 11th, 2019.

Is there anything sweeter than a Moon-Venus-Jupiter grand trine? There are definitely other sweet grand trines, but when it comes to a visible grand trine (where all three can be seen with the naked eye over the course of a single day of skywatching), I really think there's nothing sweeter.

Any alignment with Venus potentially is a sweet one, as she herself is the very embodiment of sweetness, but when you combine her sweetness with the expansiveness, abundance, and generosity of Jupiter, along with the nurturing mother force of the Moon, I don’t think it gets much better than this.

This is a special day (and week) to get out and have fun with your loved ones. Jupiter and Venus throw the best parties and gatherings, and with the Moon they get extra cozy. It's a time (strong through the 25th) for celebration, good music, and good friends. A day for family gatherings and yummy meals. A day for extra big hugs, bouquets of your favorite flowers, and large doses of chocolate. It's the kind of day that life might deal you a royal flush.

I really encourage everyone to try to make visual contact with the grand trine by going out both before dawn and after sunset tomorrow. If you go out about an hour before sunrise you will easily be able to see a very bright Venus above the eastern horizon, and then you just follow the line of the ecliptic towards the sunset point on the western horizon, and you should easily spot a bright Jupiter, which is in the brightest phase of its cycle. As you gaze back and forth between Venus and Jupiter, take in the harmonious feeling of a trine, and then feel the sweet connection between these two beautiful lights (the two brightest lights of the sky after the Sun and Moon).

Next, go out about an hour after sunset and look for Jupiter rising over the eastern horizon, from this point for the next four hours trace a path between Jupiter towards the western horizon where you will easily bump into a nearly half moon. Feel into the energy of these two being in balance with each other. Feel the mother force flowing towards you. Perhaps pray for their support and send gratitude to the great mother. Take time throughout the day to thank this team of super friends for all of the blessings you’ve received from them.

So please check out the video to learn more about this special grand trine wave, and I’ll be back with another video on Monday which explores an even rarer grand trine that starts to form around October 30th. This one involves the long lasting trine between Uranus and Pluto that just started to get strong in recent months, and which will last until the end of the decade.

Because they move slowly, when Uranus and Pluto get close to a precise trine, you get grand trines forming with all of the inner planets every year, over about a six year period. We recently had the Sun and Mercury forming their first grand trines with Uranus and Pluto, and this one will be the first with Venus. The last time we had a series of Venus-Uranus-Pluto grand trines was from 1919-1924 so its been a century since we last could catch a wave like this.

This next video will include a discussion of this grand trine with Venus, and how it is also in an even rarer kite formation with Neptune (Venus opposite Neptune at the same time she forms the grand trine). Also in this next video I discuss the incredibly unique and special alignment that forms on November 3rd, which involves another grand trine/ kite formation happening at the same time as the one with Venus.

This other one is a grand trine of the Moon, Mercury and Neptune, and with Mercury opposite Uranus forming another kite alignment. Incredibly, these two kites line up perfectly, forming two mystic rectangles, and very nearly forming a sacred hexagram/star of David six pointed star.

So stay tuned for that video, and definitely mark down November 3rd as a vacation day for a very special long weekend. Blessings!