May Super Portal of Love!

One of the most potent alignments of the century begins on May 6th (5:15pm CDT) when the Moon enters Taurus and joins Venus, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus for 2 days (until 6:15pm CDT May 8th). These 5 planets will not be together again in Taurus for the rest of the century. This is an important moment at the New Moon for creating a special altar, and setting intentions for the month ahead.

Meditate on the meaning of Taurus. In the northern hemisphere Taurus marks the peak of Spring, the peak of fertility, the peak of flowers blooming, and the celebration of the pagan holiday Beltane. Taurus is the ultimate earth sign and gives us insight into the pentacles suit in the tarot. Taurus is all about living the good life, and a philosophy of enjoying the pleasures of the earth, the foods, the sensual pleasures of sexuality, and the beauty of a well kept home.

When you combine Taurus with Jupiter and Venus (which can only happen at most once-in-twelve-years), it is the ultimate alignment of the joys and pleasures of a good life. So you can understand why these coming weeks are meant to be enjoyed...take a vacation, get out dancing, throw a party, make love 10 times as often as you usually do. Take that flight to Paris, let yourself be surprised by love. Surprise your lover with a trip out of town.


This is the Taurus wave we've been planning for, and it is at peak potency until the Sun leaves Taurus on the 20th. This special alignment continues all the way through the end of May, however, when Venus moves off the conjunction to Jupiter. 

These are the ultimate pleasure waves, and there are deep lessons to be had around letting love and pleasure into your life. Know that it is seeking you out, but it is your job to let it in. 

This is all combining with the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which makes it extra potent and special, forming a tight 4 planet conjunction, and peaking when they are all within 5 degrees May 17-20. This will not happen again for the rest of this century, and it represents a very rare opportunity for breakthroughs of love and pleasure, peak experiences with music, art and beauty, and an opportunity for very special expanded states of consciousness.

Let's all focus on maximizing the potential of these next weeks, and support each other on a consciousness level to make quantum leaps onto timelines of love and pleasure beyond our wildest dreams!

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