Integrating the Planetary Scales of Time: Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Rising Over San Francisco

My skywatching experience two mornings ago was the most satisfying and joyful of my life. I think this peak experience came together because of a number of factors. First, it was a culmination of a regular practice this past year of intentionally getting up early to watch the sky, take photos and video, and do my astrological practice out in nature rather than abstracted by  an ephemeris, which had been my primary practice for years. Doing this practice many mornings this past year became a positive feedback loop, and it has brought me so much happiness.

It was also, of course, the incredible rarity and beauty of this particular alignment. Even though I knew it was likely to be very special, I really had no idea what the particular formation would look like each night from this latitude, from this city, from each of the unique vantage points I selected for viewing. It is an exciting practice, and I wish I knew how satisfying urban sky walking could be earlier in my life here, but now I know.

Another huge and unexpected factor, that I could have never predicted, was the totally unique circumstances for viewing this alignment under the San Francisco Shelter in Place rules. The city was totally empty from 4 to 6 am, devoid of cars and people roaming the streets, and there has been this feeling of safety and solitude for communing with the sky. These weeks San Francisco has felt like small-town Mayberry, and to walk the pre-dawn streets has been so peaceful. These mornings have been so crucial to my mental health in these very challenging times, and for this I feel blessed. 

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The Return of the Council of Elders Super Portal: Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Morning 2 of 5

This was the first clear sky morning in San Francisco for eleven days, and it was such a sweet one. The Moon kisses Jupiter and Saturn says goodbye to Mars. It’s day 2 of our 5-day Council of Elders Exit-Portal, and things are getting deep.

I had such a sweet morning of sky watching and communing with this incredibly rare astronomical event. We won’t be able to see the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in the same 15 degrees of the sky again until September 7-9 of the year 2040 (mark your calendar), when they will join Mercury and Venus for a series of what are sure to be, three truly spectacular sunsets.

That’s 20 years away, though, and you can see this alignment now. Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and Mars will be rising over the eastern horizon between 3-4am these next three mornings, and it is so worth getting out to see.

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Tarot Card Sunrise with Reflections on Mars-Saturn square Uranus

I drew these cards as the Sun rose the morning I recorded my "Gathering of Dynamic Duos" video. I continue to share my reflections on our very powerful current astrology, and I focus more on the Mars-Saturn square Uranus alignment that has been really kicking in. I feel it is a particularly hopeful series of cards after what was a very special morning of communion with the sky. I wish that you find the cards helpful. See where they take you in your imagination and open to the messages that come.  Blessings!

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Rising Over San Francisco: 4am Reflections on the Way of Things

I had trouble sleeping the other night, and I decided to get out to see Mars, Saturn and Jupiter (Pluto) rising over Noe Valley, where I live. I'm so glad I got out, as the conversation with these gods gave me peace and settled my mind. It was so nice to see them coming up over the silent houses and shuttered businesses and greet them with gratitude for their wisdom and guidance. 

In addition to these conjunctions, there was also a Moon-Mars-Uranus T square on this particular night, and I share a bit about that. I also consulted the cards in the darkness, and light was revealed. I hope you too get something from this sky and these cards. Blessings!