The Return of the Council of Elders Super Portal: Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Morning 2 of 5

This was the first clear sky morning in San Francisco for eleven days, and it was such a sweet one. The Moon kisses Jupiter and Saturn says goodbye to Mars. It’s day 2 of our 5-day Council of Elders Exit-Portal, and things are getting deep.

I had such a sweet morning of sky watching and communing with this incredibly rare astronomical event. We won’t be able to see the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in the same 15 degrees of the sky again until September 7-9 of the year 2040 (mark your calendar), when they will join Mercury and Venus for a series of what are sure to be, three truly spectacular sunsets.

That’s 20 years away, though, and you can see this alignment now. Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and Mars will be rising over the eastern horizon between 3-4am these next three mornings, and it is so worth getting out to see.


This morning, from the perspective of San Francisco, these wanderers looked like a curve of pearls smoothed along her rolling hills. You can feel Mars saying goodbye to the others, and all five planets bowing to each other with deep respect. They won't be able to come this close together (with Pluto) again until July of 3151, and that gathering won't be nearly as sweet for star watchers.

It is important to see these five elders watching us as we watch them. They see us, and they are all bowing down to us with so much respect. These next three mornings are our chance to bow with respect in return. It is the ending of one age and the beginning of another. Blessings!