Massive Solstice-Eclipse Super Portal Right Ahead! Wide Open Through January 24th 2020

I want to wish you all happy holidays. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Las Posadas, or some other festival of light, to you all I send love and blessings as we move into a new decade together. I want to share a video that I recorded about a special alignment that is just starting now and is perfect for a celebration of a return to light, and brings hope and joy for all.

There are actually several powerful and rare astronomical events occurring. First we have a New Moon that is in exact conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This can only happen at most once a year, but for it to be as exact an alignment as this one, it is more rare, and for it to align with the Solstice, rarer still, at most once in twelve years. In researching the rarity I found that there has not been an exact New Moon Jupiter triple conjunction this close to the Solstice since 1995, and before that, 1924. For there to also be a Solar Eclipse as is happening today, we’d have to go back even further to the previous century. This alignment is even more unique as it aligns at the start of a new decade. 

The power of all these factors coming together I feel makes it a perfect time for setting intentions for positive new beginnings and for ritual celebrations of abundance and hopeful visions of the future. With this alignment we have many cycles that are both ending and beginning. It is an opportunity for both integrating what is coming to completion as well as visioning the possibilities of new cycles and aligning with new timelines.

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Very Rare Planetary Conjunctions: December 2019 to December 2020. Cosmic Portal Overview.

I recorded this video to help show the special astronomical alignments of both the recent time, and going forward for the next few weeks and months. We are moving into what I feel is the most dramatic alignment in over thirty years, and Venus is ushering us into it with love.

The planets Jupiter Saturn and Pluto have moved within twenty degrees of each other in the same part of the sky, and will be within ten degrees by February. They have not all been within this range of each other since 1981, and then they were only at that close range for about a month. 

Our incoming alignment will get as close as 4 degrees of precision, and will stay within an 8 degree range for a full 10 months, from March through the end of December. Prior to 1981 the last time all three were this close was in 1445, but again only for about a month. The last time we had an alignment as sustained and potent as our current one was in the year 1285. After 2020 there is not another close triple conjunction of these three outer planets until the year 2417.

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Very Rare Portal of Profound Love is Open (Venus-Saturn-Pluto Triple Conjunction 12/02-12/20)

I hope you all have been experiencing much joy and abundance in the Portal of the Expanding Heart (the recent Venus Jupiter conjunction that I wrote about last time). We are still moving through this portal for a few more days, and at the same time we are at the threshold of a new portal, what I’m calling the Portal of Profound Love. This is the name I’ve chosen for this rare conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto which lasts until about December 20th. 

We only get a tight triple conjunction like this twice during our current Saturn-Pluto conjunction, with the first having been in February of this year. Previous to February, the last time to catch a wave like this was way back in 1983, so this is a very rare chance to set an intention for deeper, more sustained and sustainable love and intimacy in our lives, with both self and others. 

When these three planets are in alignment with the Earth there is an opportunity to strengthen and deepen our love relationships. We all long for deep intimacy and for strong secure attachments with the people who matter the most to us, and this starts with ourselves. Do we feel satisfied by the depth of intimacy we have with ourselves? Are we loyal lovers to ourselves? Are we able to demonstrate love towards ourselves in the tough times, on our tough days? Do we notice when our hearts are closed toward ourselves, and how do we work to keep our hearts open and practice forgiveness towards ourselves and others?

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