The Portal of Psychic Downloads is Open: Mercury Conjunct Neptune 3/25-4/3

The Portal of Psychic Downloads is Open!

Mercury is in its annual conjunction with the planet Neptune, and it’s time to take a vacation from your mind. In this short video I share some of my current inspirations about this planetary relationship, and how to honor it in the coming days. Mercury has a lot to do with our busy minds and Neptune has to do with surrendering to the flow, so this is a great time to do anything that helps you relax into flow states and open to inspiration. Maybe your mind has been doing a lot of hard work recently and you haven’t quite figured it all out. Well, now’s the time to just take a long shower and let your right brain take the lead. Often solutions come in dreams and while shuffling tarot cards, so let go of the need to figure things out, and you may be surprised to find that the answers just come to you. 

It’s a week for visions, dream journals, and reading metaphysical books. It’s a week for telepathic communion and reverie states. It’s also a great time for all divinatory tools, so spend more time in front of your altar using those tools to pray for guidance, and then just open to receive. Sending blessings and wishing you flow.

Astrology 2021: The Seven Stages of Alchemy and the Year of the Philosopher’s Stone

In this video I share an article I found on the seven stages of alchemy by Tanya Palazzo, and I share my comments on it as it relates to the astrological theme for 2021 that I'm calling "the Year of the Philosopher's Stone." I feel that this is an awesome year for alchemizing your philosopher's stone, and I send you blessings with the process. Love!

The alchemy article by Tanya Palazzo, "The Seven Stages of Alchemical Transformation," can be found at her website

This is the Most Healing Week of Astrology in 2021

Hey Everyone! In this new video I explore how the astrology this week has the most promise for healing and positive mind states of all of 2021. It is also one of the best weeks for sky watching and direct communion with the planets. During this week the Moon goes across two different triple conjunctions of planets, making them each quadruple conjunctions for a few days. These quadruple conjunctions are very rare alignments, and they represent multiple cycles of time ending and multiple cycles of time beginning. So it is a great week to tune into what is ending for you and really letting go so the new energies can flow into your life.

When we observe the Moon conjoining other planets it represents an opportunity for a more personal, and emotionally vulnerable, connection with those planets on a consciousness level, and a chance to seek guidance and support from them. Over the course of this week the Moon is joining seven of the nine planets it passes each month. The Moon is first joining a Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction, with Mercury being the last of the inner planets to go across the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction that dominated 2020 and that has been ending in these last few weeks.

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Astrology 2021: The Year of the Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s stone is the legendary end result of the alchemist’s quest: the quest for gold, for health, eternal life and wisdom. In depth psychology alchemy has been studied as a powerful metaphor for the psychospiritual growth and maturation process: the long process of becoming conscious of the unconscious and integrating it into a whole and balanced Self. This is a process of turning the lead of repressed contents of the psyche, both shadow and transcendent, into the gold of integrated awareness. The alchemical work is a process of many years (truly decades) of commitment to your own psychospiritual development, and a deep engagement with the unseen and unintegrated depths and heights of the psyche.

Often through working with trauma an individual will come to realize how their life has been controlled by it, and with support will move towards healing and new strength. When we are able to heal trauma and are empowered by that recovery process, there is a philosopher’s stone of priceless value granted to the alchemist who stays with the process. When our own personal trauma combines with collective trauma there are especially great consequences, and when we work to heal, integrate and understand these larger dimensions of trauma, there is a unique potential for healing on both a personal and collective level.

Of course, we are not just working to integrate these more challenging parts of the psyche, often just as important is integrating an awareness of our higher divine self, integrating our spiritual peak experiences, our joy, and our bliss, into a balanced approach to life.

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