This is the Most Healing Week of Astrology in 2021

Hey Everyone! In this new video I explore how the astrology this week has the most promise for healing and positive mind states of all of 2021. It is also one of the best weeks for sky watching and direct communion with the planets. During this week the Moon goes across two different triple conjunctions of planets, making them each quadruple conjunctions for a few days. These quadruple conjunctions are very rare alignments, and they represent multiple cycles of time ending and multiple cycles of time beginning. So it is a great week to tune into what is ending for you and really letting go so the new energies can flow into your life.

When we observe the Moon conjoining other planets it represents an opportunity for a more personal, and emotionally vulnerable, connection with those planets on a consciousness level, and a chance to seek guidance and support from them. Over the course of this week the Moon is joining seven of the nine planets it passes each month. The Moon is first joining a Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction, with Mercury being the last of the inner planets to go across the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction that dominated 2020 and that has been ending in these last few weeks.


This represents a special opportunity to connect with and say goodbye to the incredibly rare alignment that I have been sharing videos about and writing about this whole past year. This is the last time they will all be close enough to still be energetically potent, and I encourage you to connect with and communicate with them, expressing gratitude for the guidance and support you’ve found with this council of planets every month over the past year. The Moon-Mercury Jupiter conjunction of the next few days is the best alignment for abundance consciousness and a positive mindset, so its a great opportunity to integrate how the challenges of the past year helped you to strengthen your capacity to remain positive in the face of adversity.

What’s great is that this alignment of the Moon with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn is visible before sunrise. It is very worth waking up early to go out somewhere with a clear view of the eastern horizon about an hour and 15 minutes before sunrise, and if the sky is clear, you will see Mercury very close to Jupiter, and Saturn about 9 degrees above Jupiter. On the 9th the Moon is closer to Saturn and on the 10th-11th it will be very close to both Mercury and Jupiter. It is very rare to see these 4 planets so close together (it will be 20 years before you get another chance), and so I hope you will get out to be with them. If you do, it would be an excellent time to pray for guidance and perhaps do some ritual practice as you open yourself to receive loving messages of guidance.

The second quadruple conjunction I’m calling the “Heart Chakra Super Portal of 2021,” and it comes just a day after the first alignment, when the Moon moves onto a Sun, Venus, Neptune triple conjunction. Those three planets are already conjunct and will continue to be so through about March 21, with the days when the Moon joins them (March 12-14) being a peak of the alignment, and perhaps the best days for prayer and ritual practice. 

This is a fantastic alignment for connecting with the spiritual love force, for opening the heart and for practicing loving kindness with both yourself and others. After a year of going to extremes, Venus offers sweet healing waters with Neptune, and the Sun lights a beacon so you know how to find her love. This is the perfect alignment for surrendering to a healing force that can melt your heart and guide you onto the path of love. Be on the lookout for soul friends and soul family, and open to the possibility of new love coming into your life. Let yourself be pulled towards sacred art and sacred music, and perhaps spend some time creating and channeling art yourself. It’s a great weekend for whatever medicines help you make contact with your higher frequency self, whether that be some breathwork, sacred chanting, poetry, time in nature, or a little magic blend of sacred herbs and spices. The key is to really enjoy, and if you have to rearrange your schedule, know that it's worth it.

If we catch this wave just right we can ride the heart opening for the rest of 2021, and that will lead us right onto the ultimate wave of hope and positive states of consciousness, the once-in-thirteen year Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that starts to form right at the end of 2021 and lasts through all of 2022. So get out your surf boards and try to get out to be with the sky before sunrise to see the Moon with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, and catch as many sunrises and sunsets as you can, feeling the spiritual light bathe you with the heart frequencies of your higher self. Blessings everybody!