Heart Chakra Portal Right Ahead!

Time to get on board the love boat! I made this video to honor the very special Moon-Mercury-Venus-Neptune Conjunction Portal, which is supercharged and coming up in a few days: April 1-4. There are several factors that make this portal special, that it is in Pisces, that it is overlapping with our current Jupiter square Neptune alignment, and that it is part of the super-rare 61 day Mercury-Neptune conjunction, all make for an extremely rare and special alignment filled with many possibilities. There won't be another portal quite like this one until 2179, so I hope you will find the time to honor and align with it to set intentions for a more love-filled life. 

I decided to start my upcoming class, "Tarot and Flow: Integrating Astrology with Tarot," under this alignment because it is the ultimate alignment for studying tarot and astrology, which is exactly what we will be doing starting April Fools Day 2019.  Blessings!