The Portal of Psychic Downloads is Open: Mercury Conjunct Neptune 3/25-4/3

The Portal of Psychic Downloads is Open!

Mercury is in its annual conjunction with the planet Neptune, and it’s time to take a vacation from your mind. In this short video I share some of my current inspirations about this planetary relationship, and how to honor it in the coming days. Mercury has a lot to do with our busy minds and Neptune has to do with surrendering to the flow, so this is a great time to do anything that helps you relax into flow states and open to inspiration. Maybe your mind has been doing a lot of hard work recently and you haven’t quite figured it all out. Well, now’s the time to just take a long shower and let your right brain take the lead. Often solutions come in dreams and while shuffling tarot cards, so let go of the need to figure things out, and you may be surprised to find that the answers just come to you. 

It’s a week for visions, dream journals, and reading metaphysical books. It’s a week for telepathic communion and reverie states. It’s also a great time for all divinatory tools, so spend more time in front of your altar using those tools to pray for guidance, and then just open to receive. Sending blessings and wishing you flow.