A Gathering of Dynamic Duos: Mars-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto and Mercury-Neptune

This was a special one for me. I've had the intention to get up early enough to see the Mars-Saturn-Jupiter alignment for a more extended period of time. This was April Fool's day which is a special day for professional tarot readers like myself. The Fool leaps into life and I leapt into action.

I have also had the intention to go to a different spot to see the alignment from a new perspective. There is a park that is at the frontier edge of my neighborhood that I have only explored recently because it is like 15 blocks from my home, and when I walk that far, it is usually in the direction of the ocean. 

My favorite spiritual practice for the last 3 years has been to go on long walks (I've walked 13 marathons) to get into intuitive flow states, and while in flow I love to take photographs and videos. In the last year I've been more intentional about integrating my love of the sky and tarot into my walks and photography.

I do the whole practice intuitively, and with intentionality. I set the intention to go for a walk when the weather inspires me to, and I try to be prepared to leap into action when the surfing is good. Right now the waves are really intense, but I like to watch them from a safe distance. I wait for the strong pull of the sky, and then I get my butt out the door.

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