The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2023-2024 Has Begun!

Today I want to let you know about a special, once-in-thirteen-year conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Uranus that is happening between June 2023 and June 2024. 

This is the Year we Level Up

In these coming months if you point your telescope towards Jupiter it won’t be hard to find Uranus nearby. The last time these two planets came together was from March of 2010 to March of 2011. Take a moment to consider those months to see if it was a time when you leveled up at the game of life. Was it a year when you broke free of the past and leapt confidently into the future? The level-up that occurred that year has now been all played out. Are you ready to take it to the next level, and show the universe your moves? Are you ready for your next quantum leap, your next moon-shot, your next consciousness upgrade? 

The previous conjunction happened during most of 1997. Consider that year also. Can you see ways that that was also a major level-up year for you, whether that be spiritually, creatively, career wise, or perhaps even cosmologically? Did your perception of your life, your place in the universe, and your sense of your own human potential expand during that year? If not, then recognize that every one of these conjunctions represents another opportunity to go quantum and fly to higher possibilities, but only if you want that ticket to ride. There are risks in getting on board starships, and you’re liable to break free of an ego constraint that you are not quite ready to let go of.


Are you ready to see the world and your life from a radically expanded perspective? Are you ready for your eyes to go wide with awe and amazement, as you take in some new expanded understanding of what your future might look like? These potentials can be made manifest if there is a willingness to leap towards something that might be radically new and unexpected. Can you relax into the moment and let the upwinds carry you high so that you can see what may lay ahead?

This is the year we take flight. 

In astrology when these two planets begin a new cycle of time at the conjunction point every thirteen years, it marks an opportunity for a new period of expansion and freedom in your life. Typically it is a planetary relationship that is associated with the human desire to explore the furthest horizon, the tallest mountain, the most distant planets, and the the furthest reaches of inner and outer space. Jupiter, as the largest planet in the solar system is associated with expansion, and letting things get bigger, while Uranus, the first planet to be discovered with the aid of a telescope, is connected with invention, technology, revolutionary breakthroughs, and trickster surprises. 

This is the year of AI, Virtual Realities, and Quantum Computing

In this video I explore some of the areas that we are likely to see big developments in the coming year. One of the areas that is most predictable is major breakthroughs in science and technology, and I think it is obvious that the biggest version of this is going to be the ongoing huge developments in Artificial Intelligence technology. Beyond this, I think the recent announcement of Apple’s Provision headset, which will release as the conjunction is becoming more exact, is a great example of the future tech that comes online under these alignments. 

Along similar lines, advances in spaceflight are also common, and we can see this in the Artemis 2 mission that is scheduled to return humans to the Moon for the first time in 50 years this November. You can also feel the vibe in the SpaceX test flights of Musk’s Starship that will continue and accelerate in the coming year, as humanity prepares to go to Mars.

This is the year of Psychedelic Breakthroughs 

Another huge area that is connected to this cycle of time is psychedelic awakenings and consciousness breakthroughs. MAPS just held their massive psychedelic science conference in Denver, with over 12,000 people in attendance, and we can see that there has never been more interest in the healing power of sacred medicines. Frequently people have peak spiritual experiences during these alignments, and it is so supportive of deep psychospiritual growth work. 

This is the Year of UFO Disclosure

Consider also the wild story that is unfolding in the area of UFO disclosure, as one more example of the vibe I’m talking about. Three weeks ago it was reported that David Grusch, a senior intelligence officer who has worked for the United States UFO task force the last two years, discovered that there is a top secret UFO crash retrieval program that has been in effect since before Roswell, and that we have in our possession, both partial and intact craft, as well as the bodies of pilots. 

This story has been around for decades, but this is the first high level government official to come forward and receive whistleblower protection status. He has been carefully vetted by the Inspector General of the defense department as having both a credible and urgently important story to tell. He claims it is backed up by documents and eye-witness testimony, and apparently some of this testimony has already occurred behind congressional closed doors.

Congresspeople  are claiming that hearings into the matter are coming within months, and there is already legislation written that would require any government or corporate entity in possession of UFO materials to disclose such to congress within 6 months of the legislation being signed into law. Senator Marco Rubio has stated that Grusch is not the only credible whistleblower to come forward, and that they have heard from others who claim to actually be a part of the secret program that handles these craft.

Consider if these claims are verified under oath before congressional hearings. What new era will we be living in when we learn once and for all (what most people already believe) that we are not alone?

Will AI Achieve Super Intelligence?

There is a similar challenge that AI is presenting humanity at this moment in history. Many leading scientists are now thinking that Artificial General Intelligence can be achieved within years rather than decades, if indeed, it has not already occurred. 

AGI is the moment when AI has achieved the same capacities of a human being with general intelligence in all areas. Instead of a specific training in one focused area, this would mean an artificial intelligence that has the same or greater intellectual and reasoning abilities as a human across a range of topics. This already seems to be happening with the new large language models to some degree, and there is much discussion about the implications for when AI sentience is achieved, and beyond that, when AI super intelligence comes online.

When this occurs there are radically unknown outcomes, that could range from devastating to vastly liberating. From the Orwellian capacities of surveillance that AI makes possible, to the likelihood that AI could cure many diseases and perhaps even slow the human aging process.

This is the Year our Minds are Blown

Notice what has happened to your consciousness as you read these lines. Each of these areas has the potential to blow your mind if you sit with it long enough. This is the alignment of consciousness-expanding new awareness, and all that is asked is that you open yourself to the prospect that there is more to this trip of ours than we have previously dreamt possible.

Wishing you all clear skies and happy travels!  Matthew