The Heart Chakra Portal of the Century is Here!

Here is a YouTube livestream video I recorded a couple of days ago about the very special astronomical event that is happening over the next two days. I’ve been writing and creating videos about this event since the end of last year, and it is now here.

I want to encourage you all to get up early, 60-90 minutes before sunrise, on either of the next two mornings (Tuesday and Wednesday, with greatest precision on Wednesday), and look towards the eastern horizon where the Sun rises. There you will be blessed to see all of the visible planets, except Mercury, in a parade across the sky. Highest in the sky will be Saturn, dimmer than the rest, with Mars below Saturn, and then you will see the crescent Moon close to the other two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, and with all three close to the invisible planet Neptune.


I’ve been describing this as a once-in-a-century event, as we will not have the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune this close together (they get as close as within 3 degrees of each other) for the rest of this century. It is even rarer than this, as we won’t have these four planets all together in the sign Pisces (where the energy is similar to Neptune, making for an even more dreamy alignment) until 2176, when there will be 6 planets in Pisces, but with the Moon-Venus-Jupiter-Neptune quadruple conjunction only getting as close as 10 degrees.

 There is something else that will make this alignment extra special and beautiful, and that is just how close together Venus and Jupiter will be from each other when they are exactly conjunct (exactitude is on the 30th). These two planets can be conjunct, but much farther away from each other because they each can be a few degrees away from the same plane of the sky (the ecliptic). In this case they will both be very close to the ecliptic, and so they will appear strikingly close together, similar to how close Jupiter and Saturn got to each other in the great conjunction of December 2020, if you got to see that. I feel like this current alignment is quite a complement and balancer to that 2020 energy, and I think the precision of this one makes for extra healing potential that can be experienced both through outer and inner observation.

 Astrologically, having the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune so close together represents one of the most healing energies that we can experience. It is the ultimate heart chakra activator and it suggests the possibility for big love and big pleasure experiences. To have this happening just as the pandemic seems to be releasing its grip, and just as we are (here in the northern hemisphere) entering into the peak springtime energy of Taurus, is especially healing, as we start really warming up and going outside more.

 In the video I share many more thoughts about the potential for the energy, including the likelihood of experiences of grace, angelic comfort and surprising waves of forgiveness, as well as the invitation to the “good life,” and a life lived more in flow and openheartedness. I really hope you will check out the video, but even more, I hope you will set your alarms to get up early to see this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical and astrological event.

 Get out there and pray for your heart to open, pray for grace and forgiveness to enter your heart, and then celebrate with those you really love the most. This is a fantastic alignment for family gatherings and parties with great music. And this doesn’t just happen the next two days. The larger alignment is really strong these next few weeks, and the Jupiter-Neptune potential for big hopeful visions and positive expanded states of consciousness continues all year into next February.

 There is rarely a time like this, when any efforts you make in the direction of spirituality, dreamwork, vision questing, and soul level intimacy, are likely to pay off with double or triple blessings of success. So take that mental health day, get out to some healing waters, and let your body relax and release the tensions and trauma of the last two years. You’ve earned it!