March Astrology Forecast: 3 Very Rare Quadruple Conjunction Super Portals!

 It looks like this will be a month of very strong and contrasting energies. On the one hand we have our second Venus Gate (Moon-Venus conjunction) in a very rare quadruple conjunction with Mars and Pluto, and things are getting hot in here! This could be the most passionate month of intimacy for you in many years, and it's time to get it on everybody! 

On the other hand, the once-in-thirteen year Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that I've discussed in recent videos is really kicking-in. Having now moved within 10 degrees, and moving within 3 degrees by the end of the month, the gifts of this healing alignment should now start being obvious. 


Both the Sun and Mercury conjoin the Jupiter-Neptune this month, and the 2nd Jupiter Gate (Moon conjoining and activating the longer lasting Jupiter-Neptune conjunction) happens on March 2nd and 3rd. This will be a New Moon, so this will be another, very rare, quadruple conjunction, with the Moon conjoining the longer lasting Sun-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Compared to the hot and passionate energies of the Venus-Mars-Pluto alignment, this one brings cooling and soothing waters to keep things from boiling over.

There is a third quadruple conjunction at the end of March, at the 3rd Venus Gate, when the Moon and Venus will join Mars and Saturn in a tight, 5 degree conjunction. This will be quite an alignment, and we may be asked to work even harder at keeping our hearts open. If we do, our hearts will get even bigger come the next Venus Gate, when the Moon and Venus join Jupiter and Neptune on April 26 and 27 for one of the most special, healing alignments of the 21st century.

I explore all of this and more in this video, so I hope you'll check it out. Love!