2022 Has the Most Healing Alignment of the Century

I’m back with another video that goes into greater detail on the very special astrology of the coming months. In this video I review the remarkable sequence of inner planet activators of the incoming Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces conjunction. I cover the most potent dates to mark on your calendar, and I share my thoughts on these very special alignments. Everything climaxes in April when Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune, and on the 26th and 27th she is joined by the Moon, in a once-in-a-century alignment that is sure to bring much needed healing for us all.

Its time for intimacy with the morning sky everybody! So set those alarms and get out to the eastern horizon before sunrise to see the beauty that will be on display these next four months.


Here is a list of the key dates and alignments that I cover in the video.

1/26 - 4/14 Venus-Mars conjunction (easily visible in the morning sky)

2/17 - 3/17 Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction

1/20 - 2/21 Mercury-Pluto conjunction

2/15 - 3/15 Venus-Mars-Pluto triple conjunction

2/26 - 2/27 Venus Gate #2: Moon-Venus-Mars-Pluto quadruple conjunction

2/20 - 3/23 Sun conjunct Jupiter-Neptune

3/2 - 3/3 Jupiter Gate #2: New Moon conjunct Jupiter-Neptune

3/14 - 3/28 Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune triple conjunction

3/17 Full Moon on Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune

3/28 Venus Gate #3 Moon-Venus-Mars-Saturn quadruple conjunction

3/30 Jupiter Gate #3 Moon-Jupiter-Neptune triple conjunction

4/18 - 5/11 Venus conjunct Jupiter-Neptune

4/26 - 4/27 Venus Gate #4 and Jupiter Gate #4 Moon-Venus-Jupiter-Neptune Quadruple Conjunction. All within 4 degrees. This does not happen like this again this century.

5/3 - 6/14 Mars-Jupiter-Neptune triple conjunction

5/23 - 5/25 Jupiter Gate #5 Moon-Jupiter-Mars-Neptune quadruple conjunction