Astrology 2022: The Year of Healing Waters

Hey everyone: I hope you are all doing great and living joyfully! 

I’ve been studying the star maps, and it looks to me like this year has the most healing astrology alignment of the 21st century. That's a big statement, I know, but isn't that exactly what the angels would bring right about now? 

I’m referring to a particular alignment in April when there is a very exact quadruple conjunction of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune all aligning in the watery sign Pisces. This four planet alignment is the tightest, all within 4 degrees, on April 27th. For the rest of this century these four planets do not align any closer than 10 degrees, and so I feel this year’s alignment represents a very rare nodal point of opportunity for both the world and for each of us individually. 

While this is an alignment that with the Moon only lasts a couple of days, and with Venus a couple of weeks, at the heart of this alignment is a once-in-thirteen-year conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune that is operative all year until next February. I feel that when it is joined by Venus and the Moon in April we will be receiving the yummiest Jupiter-Neptune waves of energy, and we will be able to then ride those yummy waves for the rest of the year, and perhaps for the rest of our lives.

In this new video I share exactly what I’m talking about.


Every 13 years we are invited, both on an individual and collective level, to find the big vision that will guide us and pull us through the next 13 years. We are invited to take time for a big vision quest, a time for deep reflection on both how far we have come in manifesting our vision from 13 years ago when the last Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurred (approximately 

February 2009 to February 2010), and a time to ask our higher self for the map that will show us the way to the holy mountain we can see in the distance.

Take a moment to go back to 2009. Can you remember dreaming big that year? Were you feeling inspiration in one or more areas? Could you see better possibilities for your health, your relationships, your career, your home or family? Did you start to take decisive actions in one or more of these areas, believing in your vision, and knowing that it could be manifested? Can you see areas of your life that were swept up in a big healing process? Can you see where forgiveness opened your heart to someone you were experiencing conflict with? Can you see the big wave of positivity that has carried you to the more abundant timelines that you find yourself traveling now?

Or do you recognize how you maybe dreamt too big, and the vision you had at that time was not grounded within the realistic limits of what you were capable of at the time. Or perhaps what was unrealistic was how fast you thought you could manifest the vision, and even though you took actions towards your dream, when it took longer than you expected, you became impatient with yourself and stopped believing that the vision you had was possible for you. The key with this inherent challenge when it comes to big visions, is self-loving patience with yourself, and a willingness to slow down to the natural pacing of the varying scales of time. 

I think it is helpful to understand that Jupiter’s visions come from the highest perspective, looking down from Jupiter’s expansive scale of time (12 years to travel around the Sun, 13 years to catch up with Neptune). These visions allow us to see the most hopeful possibilities over that 12-13 year scale of time, and while we are graced by Jupiter and Neptune with these visions of what is possible in different areas, the work of elevating onto these more positive timelines requires guidance and support from the other planets and their unique scales of time. 

For, ultimately, a thirteen year vision is manifested one month at a time in harmony with the Earth-Moon relationship, one season or one year at a time in harmony with the Earth/Sun relationship, and two years at a time in harmony with the Earth-Mars relationship.

When we tune into the Jupiter scale of time we see that Jupiter’s seasons are measured in 3 year quarters, and this gives us another helpful way to ground our vision and have realistic expectations for what the pace of growth will be as we move towards our visions. 

We need to understand that living in harmony with the different scales of time that the planets represent, is key to making the vision real. It is the Saturn scale of time, with it’s seven year seasons, that truly defines the pace of manifestation, and giving yourself the slow pace of 7 years to really build the solid foundations for your dream to become real is essential if you are going to avoid self-defeating impatience with yourself.

My experience is that with one month of strong action you can really get moving towards your dreams. With three months of sustained improvement, the positive feedback loops can make for really strong habits, and this one Earth-season of achievement fuels the movement forward. We need to have both the big vision, and the short-term actions, and when we hold the 13 year vision and all of its potential in tension with realistic goals for one season of growth at a time, we start really enjoying the natural pace of growth. We stop pushing the river upstream, and just start trusting the flow of our own capacities and their seasonal fluctuations.

This is a year for understanding the keys to manifesting our visions, and I will be sharing a lot about this throughout the year. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will be activated every month when the moon joins them, and in this video I call these alignments the Jupiter Gates (similar to the Moon-Venus conjunction Venus Gates which I also talk about in this video). These Jupiter Gates are monthly opportunities for a check-in with your higher self and a chance to expand your vision further, and also a chance to catch the wave of that vision and be pulled towards what needs to happen to make it manifest. 

Tomorrow night is the first Jupiter Gate that activates the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, and the last one in the evening sky before Jupiter moves to be visible in the morning sky in a couple of months (and when Jupiter will be within just a few degrees of Neptune). If you can get out tomorrow night to watch the sunset, wait for a beautiful crescent Moon to emerge next to Jupiter and perhaps pray to start receiving your big vision.

In addition to the Moon, over the next four months each of the inner planets will join Jupiter and Neptune, adding their unique activations and specific guidance, and in this video and the next one (which is already recorded and being edited) I give an outline for when each of these activations occurs, all leading up to the once-this-century exact quadruple conjunction of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, which is perhaps the ultimate alignment for a massive heart opening that just might carry you through the rest of your life. This alignment is exact on April 27th, but I would see this peak of heart chakra consciousness lasting a full month from mid April to mid May, and with its warm waters flowing us though the rest of the year if we can be good surfers of consciousness.

This video gives the big picture, and I’ll be back soon with another video that really breaks down the dates to focus on through the end of May. Here's to wishing you all joyful vision quests and pleasure waves in 2022!