A Gathering of Dynamic Duos: Mars-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto and Mercury-Neptune

This was a special one for me. I've had the intention to get up early enough to see the Mars-Saturn-Jupiter alignment for a more extended period of time. This was April Fool's day which is a special day for professional tarot readers like myself. The Fool leaps into life and I leapt into action.

I have also had the intention to go to a different spot to see the alignment from a new perspective. There is a park that is at the frontier edge of my neighborhood that I have only explored recently because it is like 15 blocks from my home, and when I walk that far, it is usually in the direction of the ocean. 

My favorite spiritual practice for the last 3 years has been to go on long walks (I've walked 13 marathons) to get into intuitive flow states, and while in flow I love to take photographs and videos. In the last year I've been more intentional about integrating my love of the sky and tarot into my walks and photography.

I do the whole practice intuitively, and with intentionality. I set the intention to go for a walk when the weather inspires me to, and I try to be prepared to leap into action when the surfing is good. Right now the waves are really intense, but I like to watch them from a safe distance. I wait for the strong pull of the sky, and then I get my butt out the door.


On this day I saw that the weather was going to be good and I set my alarm for 5:20 am. I was awake at 4:20 am, however, and I decided it was a good day to go on an adventure. It was exciting to get out into the world so early, and I did not see a single human before the dawn. I had a lot of time with the alignment, and there was a sense of deepened intimacy with these great lords and ladies of the sky. After 5 previous mornings with this incredibly rare alignment, it was like they revealed themselves more deeply to me, and their messages were clearer. 

With an exact Mars-Saturn conjunction square to Uranus, it's not surprising that the messages that came into my mind very strongly reflected that energy, and there were meditations  on competitive dynamics, defense of one's home turf, incursions into enemy territory, and the impulse to break out of the box. 

There is also a Mercury-Neptune conjunction happening that is now very precise, and I'm calling it the Portal of Psychic Downloads. It's gift can be increased divinatory experience and greater clarity in the conversation with higher self/ higher source. There was a very strong clarity to my stream of consciousness and the pleasurable reverie state that came within the larger container of this special vision quest.

As the Sun rose I drew tarot cards and noticed many powerful synchronicities to my own personal process. One in particular was at the end of the session. I was leaving the park and looked up at where I had been and saw a scene that was really striking and familiar. 

Recently I put up a new banner for my YouTube channel of a person swinging underneath a tree and looking out upon the night sky with a fence defining the territory. I looked up and saw the tree and the frayed ropes for a swing that seemed to have been ripped away, and there was a fence, and a person looking out over it with their little black dog perched at the edge of the overlook. It was a perfect representation of the Fool with their little dog ready to leap into life. What an April Fool's gift from the great trickster force of the Universe. Thank you Sky, thank you Earth, thank you Tarot. I hope you enjoy the video.