The Heart Chakra Portal of 2020 is Open.

We have moved into another portal, what I’m calling the Heart Chakra Portal of 2020. Some of you journeyed with me through the Heart Chakra Portal of 2019, and that portal really began a new phase of my approach to astrology. I started my course “Tarot and Flow” under that alignment, and it was an exploration of how the tools of astrology and tarot are ultimately self-love practices that are meant to help us open our hearts to receive loving messages of guidance.

At that time I started to bring more focus to the conjunction phases (when two or more planets come within a close range in the same part of the sky) of the planetary cycles of time. It is the conjunctions of the planets that represent the ending of one cycle of time, and the beginning of a new cycle of time. These moments are opportunities for the integration of the previous cycle and also for visioning, and setting intention for the new cycle. These times can bring a fresh start with regard to the qualities and themes associated with the two planets in conjunction. 

Some conjunctions happen often (like the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun each month at the New Moon), others happen yearly or bi-yearly (inner planet conjunctions) and others are much rarer, like our current Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which happens every 20 years. Other cycles of time begin even more rarely, like the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction that I’ve been exploring in recent videos and blog posts, which won’t come into another powerful alignment for more than a thousand years.

The Heart Chakra Portal is a conjunction of Venus and Neptune and it happens approximately once per year. The last time they conjoined was in late March/early April of 2019, and the next time will be late April/early May of 2021. Now is a moment to reflect on the time period since last April and consider how you’ve done with the themes of the Venus-Neptune combination. These themes are explored in my new video, and I hope you will check it out.


Venus is the planet of love, beauty, art and music, it represents the human need for intimacy, friendship, and the pleasures of life. Neptune is associated with spirituality, our imagination, our relationship with the divine, consciousness exploration, moments of inspiration, our connection with the water element, and the dissolving of boundaries (with other people, with our higher selves, and with other dimensions of reality). Some questions to ask yourself as you consider this past year and start to set intentions for the year ahead:

"How am I doing with opening my heart to the love of the divine?"

"How am I doing with practicing loving kindness towards myself and others?"

"How much time have I devoted to prayer, and practicing loving self-talk?"

"How have I given myself the medicine of sweet waters, and how have I shared sweet waters with others?"

"How much time have I invested in experiencing and creating sacred music, sacred art, and sacred dance?"

“What are the heart medicines that I’ve found and received in this past year?”

In the recent posting on the Dragonrider Portal conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, I wrote about how I feel Kwan Yin is a great model for riding the dragon of 2020 and transforming the intense energies in the direction of peace and kindness. I feel like this Heart Chakra Portal can really help us develop intimacy with Kwan Yin as the Venus-Neptune cycle of time is sacred to her and is her natural frequency. This is especially the case when the Moon (the mother force of the universe and the planet associated with nurturing and caring for oneself and others) joins Venus and Neptune in a triple conjunction, as it will from the 26th to the 29th of this month (most precise on the 27th and 28th here in the US, and on the 28th and 29th in Europe and further east). I focus on this special triple conjunction in the video and use chart software to illustrate it.

I really encourage you all to try to observe the Moon Venus conjunction which will be visible after sunset close to the western horizon. On the 26th and 27th you will see a beautiful crescent Moon below a brilliant Venus, and then on the 28th and 29th the Moon moves above Venus. I hope you will go observe this alignment and do some sort of ritual, extending yourself out to the Moon and Venus, and then going further past them in your imagination, in a strait line, all the way out to Neptune. I would encourage you to pray to these massive expressions of consciousness, to pray especially for guidance towards sacred love, sacred art, sweet waters, soul mates and awesome music. Extend yourself outward, raise your frequency to the heart chakra, and then turn within to receive loving messages of guidance.

I would love to help you make the most of the Heart Chakra Portal experience over the next couple weeks. My promotion with discounted fees last until February 7th, and I hope you will sign up for a consultation.

Sending blessings and love to you all.

p.s. The 4th and final video in my 2020 Forecast series, which includes a tarot spread for 2020, is also available now through this link.