6 Planets in Aquarius! Is A New Age Dawning?

This morning here in San Francisco, a New Age dawned, at least for me it did, and I want to invite you all to join me in marking the end of an age together. For the first time since 1962, we have six planets all in the same part of the sky that astrologers call Aquarius. It is a part of the sky famous for its chilled-out winter perspective on things, it’s air sign progressive clarity and its eccentric authenticity.

We are at the yearly Aquarius New Moon, and the end of the lunar Aquarian year. It is the peak of winter, and the time when you first dare to dream of spring. It is not just the Moon and the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, however, it is Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn as well. All of the visible planets besides Mars are within one small slice of the sky, all within 16 degrees of each other, and it represents an extremely rare opportunity for meditation and intention setting. 


These six planets in Aquarius are just a few degrees away from Pluto, which is in Capricorn, and so we actually have seven planets all within 30 degrees of the sky these past two days. We will still have 5 planets in Aquarius until the 18th, and 4 planets in Aquarius until the 25th. So I invite you to set as much time aside as possible to feel into this moment, let go of the old cycles that have ended, and embrace the new cycles that are beginning. It could be especially powerful to do a Sunset or Sunrise meditation in the coming days. As you gaze in the direction of the Sun, imagine that right next to it are the six other planets and imagine new beginnings for all the planetary relationships that are gathering there on the horizon.

When you consider seven planets coming together (along with the Mars-Uranus conjunction that has been strong in recent weeks) and you add up all of the different planetary relationships represented, you get 22 unique planetary couples: Saturn with Pluto, Jupiter with Saturn, the Sun with the Moon, the Moon with Venus, etc. Each of these 22 unique planetary pairings (out of 45 that I focus on) represents its own distinct cycle of time, each with its unique phases and seasons. Right now all 22 of these planetary couples are getting a fresh start on their relationships, a fresh chance at happiness and integration. 

I think this is what is possible for each of us here on the earth at this time, and so I encourage you meditate on this, and just like you make New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good time to make some once-in-a-thousand-year (the rarity of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto tight conjunction that has dominated this past year) New Age resolutions, letting go of anything that is not authentic to your mission here on Earth, and embracing your Aquarian, wild, eccentric, free selves while heading forward into this new age of possibilities. Blessings! Love! Light! Hope!