Return of the Council of Elders Super Portal: May 2020

In this video you’ll see me taking in the first day of this month’s special Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto quadruple conjunction. It will be a strong alignment the next day or two, and I share my response to day-one here. I also share a few tarot cards in the second half of the video. 

It has been two full lunar cycles since we first entered what I’ve been calling the “Dragon Rider Portal of 2020,” a once-in-a-thousand-year five planet conjunction of the Moon with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. It was fully open from March 16th to April 17th when the Moon left its second series of conjunctions with the others. It was Mars that really lit the fire of the dragon, and these were the weeks that we flew into a new planetary era.

When the alignment first formed I was inspired to also call it a “Council of Elders Super Portal,” and I now understand that I was especially referring to the Moon-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto core of the alignment.


So, while Mars has fully moved off the conjunction with the others, every month through December we will have the opportunity to see the Moon join Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and imagine them holding space for us at a hidden council chamber out in deep space.

It is the Moon that brings her gift for caring relationships and nurturing support. She is able to hold our feelings, hear our questions, and offer wise guidance. It is her alliance with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto that gives epic power and karmic significance to the guidance that she offers in these monthly pulses throughout the rest of this year.

Try to get out 60-90 minutes before sunrise these next two mornings and look for the Moon to easily find the others. Take your coffee and your tarot cards and let the sky hold your feelings and hear your questions. Then relax, listen, and receive the loving messages of guidance that come. 

Blessings everybody!