Very Rare New Moon Super Portal Right Ahead

If you've been following my recent videos on what I've been calling the "Dance Party Portal of 2019" you know it is a very special alignment that is just getting more and more potent as we move forward. It is a conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Mars and my last video highlighted the Full Moon activation of it a couple of weeks ago. Well, now we are approaching the New Moon and things are about to get more powerful.

I wanted to understand how often one of these conjunctions happens and so I did some research, and it turns out that a Sun-Venus-Mars triple conjunction can happen on average about once every 6 1/2 years. What is happening with this upcoming New Moon in a couple of days is much more rare.

It does not always happen that a New Moon lines up with a conjunction like this, forming a quadruple conjunction, and so that rarity increases the power. What is happening this time goes beyond this because Mercury will also be in the alignment. This means that all of the inner planetary bodies will be in direct alignment, a 5 planet conjunction as seen from the Earth. The Earth, then the Moon, then the Sun, then Mercury, Venus and Mars all in a straight line, a perfect alignment within 9 degrees of precision.


I looked up how often something like this can happen, and it is extremely rare. Since 1910 it has only happened 4 other times, with this one being the 5th. It happened on approximately June 24-25, 1968, August 23-24, 1987, January 11-12, 1994, and July 1-2, 2000. Our current one will be approximately August 29-31, but its power will continue for at least the entire following month. The alignment in 1987 was called "The Harmonic Convergence," and it was the focus of many mass scale rituals around the world.

So what does it mean? I discuss this in this new video and I hope you will check it out and share with anyone you think might benefit from it. Conjunctions of two planets (like a New Moon, which is a conjunction of the Moon and the Sun each month) represent the beginning of a new cycle of time and are powerful times for reflection and integration of the whole previous cycle, as well as for visioning and intention setting for the following cycle.

In this case, with all 5 inner planets in conjunction, it is actually the beginning of ten cycles of time (Moon with the Sun, Moon with Mercury, Moon with Venus, Moon with Mars, Sun with Mercury, Sun with Venus, Sun with Mars, Mercury with Venus, Mercury with Mars, and Venus with Mars). For all of this to be happening along with an 11th ongoing rare conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, it is an incredibly powerful moment of endings and new beginnings, and it should be a very palpable feeling. I'm definitely already feeling it.

In this new video I really go into it, so I hope you will check it out. I also hope you will find your own way to ritualize this moment and open to your intuitive guidance for visioning new possibilities in your life. When I think back on the previous three alignments like this one that have happened since I've been alive, each one feels like a turning point moment in my life, and I'm very curious and open to what will come from this one.

One great thing to do in a moment of powerful visioning like this is to have an intuitive reading, and I would love to work with any of you who feel drawn to make contact with higher self at this time. I am offering a special promotion through the end of September, and so this would be a really great time to sign up.

I also recorded a tarot spread exploring this Super Portal of Possibilities. It is a really magic spread, and I hope you will check it out.