Entering the Great Mother Portal of Visions and Dreams

Tonight and tomorrow night between sunset and midnight look for a beautiful Half Moon (at the first quarter phase of the lunar cycle) in a tight conjunction with the planet Jupiter. This should be very easy to see if you have a clear sky in your area. Even before sunset it should be easy to see the half Moon at the highest point in its movement through the sky (astrologers call this the Midheaven), and as the light fades Jupiter will become more and more brilliant in its embrace by the Moon. It will be beautiful to observe this alignment until it sets around midnight.

The thing that is very unique about this alignment is that it is activating the "Super Portal" alignment that I discussed in my last email and video. The very rare "harmonic convergence" of all the inner planets that happened at the New Moon is still very powerful, and in fact, the whole thing is more precisely aligned with Neptune and Jupiter, forming what is called a "T square" pattern. As the Moon is joining this configuration today and tomorrow it involves 7 of the 10 major planetary bodies that astrologers work with, all in very dynamic and precise alignment with each other.


On the one hand we still have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in a strong conjunction, and they are all opposite the planet Neptune. So we have the Sun-Neptune cycle of time peaking with its mystical, dreamy, spiritual self-exploration themes emphasized, and its activation of the light body. The Venus-Neptune cycle of time is also at its peak, with its heart chakra, Kuan Yin, soul friendship, and sacred music themes streaming towards us. The Mercury-Neptune cycle of time is also at its yearly climax, bearing the fruit of its gifts for spiritual learning, psychic downloads, telepathic communion and the joy of the divinatory arts.

Adding force and energy to all of this, the Mars-Neptune cycle of time is at its once-in-two-year climax, giving its gifts for magical flow states, spiritual courage, inspired movement, and adventures in consciousness. We learn to be surfers of consciousness at the pace of the Mars-Neptune cycle of time, and now we come to our bi-annual surfing competition with an opportunity to show off our moves. These are big pleasure waves, though, and we catch the ones that are the perfect waves for our skill level.

So, can you feel it? Imagine it is sunset and you are looking towards the Sun. Directly behind the Sun is Mercury, then Venus, then Mars, all in conjunction. Now, as you are looking directly towards those four planetary bodies, know that directly behind you, way out in space, the planet Neptune is rising over the eastern horizon. You are in the middle between all of these oppositions, Sun-Neptune. Mercury-Neptune, Venus-Neptune, and Mars-Neptune.

Now here's the part that is making all of this even more potent. Jupiter has been 90 degrees square to Neptune since last November, and will continue to be so until this November. Jupiter makes things bigger, grander, richer, more joyful, more fortunate, more hopeful. With Neptune this is the cycle of time where we learn to dream a little bigger, have a little more faith, and move onto the timelines of abundance consciousness.

This is the closing square for the Jupiter-Neptune cycle of time, and this is the "crossroads of integration" for these themes. So this has been a year of really learning to integrate and celebrate all of our big spiritual growth and all of our successes on the spiritual path over the last 9-10 years (since the start of the Jupiter-Neptune cycle of time with the conjunction of February 2009 until March of 2010).

So if you add the power of the Jupiter-Neptune cycle of time to all of these other Neptune cycle alignments, and then you also add the Moon-Jupiter conjunction today and tomorrow, you can understand that this is a powerful moment to ritualize. The Moon-Jupiter conjunction brings the Great Mother and her caring generosity into the story, and this is a night for praying to the Mother. As the Sun sets look up to the Moon and Jupiter and feel a vision forming. Now pray to the Mother that your vision may be manifested through her grace.

There is one shadow potential to be mindful of, and this is the potential to have a vision that is stretched too large, but the Great Mother will help you find a "Middle Path Vision," a vision that is grounded within your limitations and yet still opens you to joyful timelines beyond anything you may have dared imagine before.

I say more about all of this in my new video, and I hope you will get a chance to check it out.